Ambu® aScope™ 4 Broncho


Sterile, convenient, ready when you are

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Ambu® aScope 4 Broncho is a family of single-use sterile bronchoscopes that can be used for a wide range of procedures throughout the hospital. From intubations, airway management, and thoracic anaesthasia in the OR to routine bronchoscopy in the ICU, aScope 4 Broncho provides a sterile, convenient, ready-to-go solution.

Sterility offers an extra measure of safety

There is growing concern that even with the most stringent high-level disinfection procedures, patient contamination cannot be eliminated. With the aScope 4 Broncho solution, you get a brand-new, sterile bronchoscope straight from the pack every time.

Ready when you are

One of our single-use bronchoscopes is always available, easy to set up, and it requires zero handling or reprocessing after use. The continuous availability reduces the risks and frustrations associated with waiting for an available endoscope.

Hassle-free solution

The ergonomic, lightweight design enhances the user experience while high bending angles and smooth, precise tip motion result in access to all lung segments. Combined with the portable, easy-to-use Ambu® aView™ 2 Advance displaying and processing unit and the unique, award-winning Ambu® aScope Broncho Sampler Set, you get a fully integrated, easy-to-set-up, plug-and-play solution.

Bronchoscopy Calculator

​To calculate the costs savings on moving from reusable to single-use bronchoscopes, take advantage of our bronchoscopy calculator.


Key benefits

Always sterile, available, and hassle-free

Sterility improves patient safety

No risk of cross-contamination

Ready to go when you are

Portable, intuitive, lightweight and ergonomic

Hassle-free solution

Fully integrated, easy-to-set-up, with a closed-loop sampling system and three sizes

Fewer lost and contaminated samples

Closed-loop sampling system protects sample from start to finish


No handling, zero reprocessing, nothing to repair

High-quality bronchoscopy

A brand-new scope for every procedure with clear, crisp images and smooth navigation


Take a closer look at the intelligent design

Easily connects to the blue inlet on aView monitor
Contains camera and light source (2 LEDs)
Precise tip motion and high bending angles of 180° /160° and 180° /180°
Curved, rippled surface offers a comfortable, effective grip
Activates suction tube when pressed
Easily attach suction here when needed
Introducer facilitates insertion of LuerLock syringes and soft endoscopic accessories through the working channel
Moves the distal tip smoothly up and down in a single plane
ET tube connection
aScope 4 Broncho Slim, aScope 4 Broncho Regular, aScope 4 Broncho Large

The aScope 4 family of single-use bronchoscopes

With aScope 4 Broncho, you get an integrated solution that helps you deliver the very best in patient care.

  • Clearly visualize the bronchial segments
    ​Easily connects to the portable high-quality, full-HD Ambu® aView 2 Advance monitor
  • Use in a wide variety of procedures
    Includes three sizes, Slim (3.8/1.2; 180° /180° ), Regular (Regular 5.0/2.2; 180° /180° ) and Large (5.8/2.8; 180° /160°) for multiple procedures
  • Simplify sampling
    Works as a closed-loop system with the aScope 4 Broncho Sampler Set to improve safety and sampling workflow

Technical Specifications

aScope 4 Broncho family

3 sizes (outer diameter / inner diameter)
Slim (3.8/1.2)
Regular (5.0/2.2)
Large (5.8/2.8)

Bending angles
Slim & Regular: 180° up, 180° down
Large: 180° up, 160° down

Distal end diameter
Slim: 4.2 mm
Regular: 5.4 mm
Large: 6.2 mm

Min. instrument channel width
Slim: 1.2 mm
Regular: 2.0 mm
Large: 2.6 mm

Insertion cord length

600 mm

Depth of field

6-50 mm

Field of view (degrees)


Broncho Sampler Set

The sampler can be ordered as a set with aScope™ 4 Broncho Regular (5.0/2.2) or aScope™ 4 Broncho Large (5.8/2.8).

Spare parts

There are no spare parts or accessories for this product.



file_download aScope® Value Program
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file_download aScope 4 Broncho Slim Datasheet
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file_download aScope 4 Broncho Regular Datasheet
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file_download aScope 4 Broncho Large Datasheet
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Instructions for use

file_download IFU aScope™ 4 Broncho Family V06 2023/03
(19.52 MB - pdf)

Supplementary Information (6)

file_download aScope Broncho Clinical Evidence Dossier
(5.04 MB - pdf)
file_download aScope Sustainability Program
(449.21 KB - pdf)
file_download aScope 4 Broncho Cost Effectiveness
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file_download aScope Broncho Coding and Reimbursement Guide
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file_download aScope 4 Broncho Quick Guide
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