Ambu aScope 4 Cysto

aScope 4 Cysto is a single-use flexible endoscope that gives you a way to take control of your schedule and be more productive – without compromising on the quality of your work.

Do more of your best work

Ambu® aScope 4 Cysto offers clear and sharp imaging and smooth maneuverability, which do not deteriorate because you get a brand-new cystoscope for every procedure.

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What do urologists think of aScope 4 Cysto?

Initial physician evaluations highly positive

aScope 4 Cysto was adopted by over 100 hospitals across the US in less than 150 days since its release in March. We asked 31 urologists at 12 of those sites to evaluate our new single-use cystoscope after performing procedures. 

This report summarizes clinicians’ highly positive evaluations of:

  • Overall scope and monitor performance 
  • Image quality
  • Bending capability

The rapid acceptance and promising initial clinical evaluations suggest significant benefits for adopters of this single-use cystoscopy solution.

Get access to view five clinical procedure videos and see initial physician perceptions of its clinical performance now.

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The single-use advantage

aScope 4 Cysto makes it easier to manage your schedule and deal with unscheduled in-house consult procedures because it’s always available and portable.

It also eliminates the need for reprocessing, which can help you simplify your clinic workflow and free up resources and enable you to treat more patients.

About Ambu

Focus on single-use endoscopy results in excellence

In 2009, Ambu launched the world’s first single-use flexible bronchoscope, Ambu® aScope, and today, over 600,000 of our single-use endoscopes are used in more than 3,500 hospitals. The aScope 4 Cysto builds on this decade of experience and know-how.

Our advanced production facilities have highly skilled staff that know how to manufacture quality single-use endoscopes, and approximately 20 percent of our revenue from single-use endoscopes is fed back into R&D.

We have a strong focus on single-use innovation and collaborate closely with healthcare professionals, who advise us and co-develop our products to ensure consistent innovation quality.