Since the first single-use Ambu® BlueSensor ECG electrodes were introduced in 1976, we have been delivering quality solutions matched to your specific needs. Our full portfolio, with its wide range of sizes, shapes, gel types and backing materials, makes sure you get the best device for every situation.

Quality products for multiple applications


For diagnostic ECG recording before, during and after patient exercises at varying intensity levels

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Continuous diagnostic recording of the heart for 24-48 hours or for up to 7 days

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For monitoring and diagnosis of the neonatal patient's heart

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For short-term monitoring ECGs with patient in the supine position

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Standard test for measuring the heart's electrical functioning

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A full portfolio of quality single-use cardiology electrodes designed for user-convenience and patient comfort
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Rigshospitalet in Denmark examined electrode translucency as a function of exposure values and dosage. The study compared neonatal exposure values in Denmark with hospitals in other European countries.
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An overview of the published literature on ECG signal quality, ECG electrodes as vehicles for cross infections, the offset-electrode concept and technical requirements of ECG electrodes, including Ambu ECG electrodes.
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