aScope 5 Broncho HD:
Bronchoscopy Like You've Never Seen It Before


When Ambu introduced the world’s first flexible single-use bronchoscope 12 years ago, it raised the bar for new possibilities. Now, with the launch of the 5th generation aScope™ Broncho, Ambu takes bronchoscopy to even greater heights with a diagnostic, therapeutic, and interventional single-use bronchoscope.

“The aScope 5 has a very small footprint and in a place like the operating room that's always congested, especially for us doing bronchoscopy, we have to maneuver around each other. It's nice to have something that's small and portable, that's just as effective as a reusable scope and from that standpoint we're very excited to have used it in the operating room,” said Dr. Ajay Wagh, an interventional pulmonologist in Chicago.

Research Study: aScope 5 “superior or equivalent” to reusable bronchoscopes

Do reusable bronchoscopes perform better than their single-use counterparts? That’s been the conventional wisdom in interventional pulmonology — but new research debunks that myth.

When compared with a reusable competitor as well as other single-use bronchoscopes, the aScope 5 Broncho had more degrees of flexion and extension with all accessory tools, according to a research study by Dr. Jonathan Kurman at the Medical College of Wisconsin and others, to be presented in a poster abstract at World Congress for Bronchoscopy and Interventional Pulmonology (WCBIP) 2022.

“Among the single use flexible bronchoscopes, the Ambu aScope 5 was either superior or equivalent to the reusable flexible bronchoscope, in the most categories,” the authors wrote.

New single-use flexible bronchoscopes are a significant advancement over previous device generations, creating new possibilities in the bronchoscopy suite. Ambu’s aScope 5 Broncho builds on more than a decade of expertise in single-use endoscopy and stands ready to help with the most challenging procedures.

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* Drs. Kurman, Wagh, and Islam are paid consults with Ambu


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aScope 5 Broncho is Ambu's latest generation bronchoscope - high performance functionality combined with the incredible advantages of single-use. A bronchoscope designed to perform the wide array of diagnostic, interventional and therapeutic procedures crucial for pulmonology without the expense and downtime associated with reusables. It is compatible with the full-HD Ambu® aBox™ 2 display and processing unit, for crisp, clear video images for every procedure.

aScope 5 Broncho builds on over a decade of single-use expertise, resulting in exceptional imaging, excellent maneuverability and a smart, functional design.

The high-level performance is complemented by the sterility and efficiency of the Ambu single-use solution, to provide the quality and flexibility you need for the demanding workflow of the bronchoscopy suite.

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Bright and clear view

Advanced processing helps ensure continuous image optimization. The 120° field-of-view and 3-100 mm depth-of-field HD system, with advanced adaptive auto control, gives you the bright, clear image you need.

Excellent maneuverability

The combination of bending angles, distal tip angulation (195°/195° up/down bending angles), and the flexibility of the insertion tube enables you to access difficult-to-reach areas in the bronchial tree. The maneuverability is further enhanced by 120° left/right rotation. This function enables you to adjust the position of the distal end to ease navigation and insertion of endotherapy instruments.

Broad endotherapy instrument compatibility

aScope 5 Broncho is compatible with the most common endotherapy instruments used for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in the bronchoscopy suite, such as biopsy forceps, cytology brushes, biopsy needles, cryoprobes, and high-frequency tools.

aScope 5 and aScope Gastro Are Here For Cluster Care

Cluster care is ideal when it comes to managing percutaneous tracheostomy and percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG)-tube replacement in trauma care. The Ambu aScope 5 Broncho, Ambu aScope Gastro, and aBox 2 HD System make cluster care smooth and efficient. The best time to perform a PEG-tube placement is immediately before or after percutaneous tracheostomy — to minimize patient transfer, limit contact, and save PPE.

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Designed for both diagnostic and therapeutic procedures

Endobronchial Biopsy

The aScope 5 Broncho HD System addresses the foundational needs in pulmonology including bronchoalveolar lavage and tissue acquisition with a biopsy forceps up to a 2.8mm working channel.  

Endobronchial Valve Placement

The aScope 5 Broncho HD therapeutic scope (5.6/2.8) is designed to address the growing needs in interventional pulmonology, which includes managing of patients with severe COPD and emphysema. 

Tools with Active Energy (argon plasma coagulation and cryotherapy)

The aScope 5 Broncho HD System is designed to handle the most advanced cases that can challenge the performance of a bronchoscope. The therapeutic (5.6/2.8) and diagnostic (5.0/2.2) scopes are available for interventional pulmonologists to use with active tools. 

Clinical Videos

Dr. Ajay Wagh performs Argon Plasma Coagulation (APC) 
Watch as Dr. Ajay Wagh uses argon plasma coagulation with the aScope 5 Broncho HD to ablate a tumor.

aScope 5 Broncho HD system: 10 Clinical Procedures
Watch these 10 clinical procedure videos to see valve placement, rigid bronchoscopy, airway inspection, APC, cryotherapy, and more.


When you connect aScope 5 Broncho to the aBox™ 2, you get a live endoscopic HD image on the built-in touchscreen within seconds. The intuitive user interface is right on the screen next to the endoscopic image, making it easy to maintain focus and control. The touchscreen can be used as either the primary or the secondary monitor, and it adapts perfectly to different needs and room setups.

  • Digital video output options to display live image on external monitors
  • Easy transfer of recorded imaging data to PACS using DICOM over Wi-Fi or LAN
  • Take images and record videos at the touch of a button on aScope 5 Broncho or aBox 2
  • Full HD LCD monitor for excellent imaging
  • Advanced image processing, adaptive light control, and true colors

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No repairs, no service agreements, no downtime
There are no concerns about causing damage to aScope 5 Broncho with sharp or active endotherapy instruments.

Increase procedures and points of care without large capital investment
With the aScope 5 Broncho solution, the only item needed to increase capacity is an additional display and processing unit.

Free up resources and reallocate staff
Staff time is critical - free up resources ties up in transporting, cleaning, locating, storing, and managing reusable equipment. Single-use is simple and plug-and-play when needed.

Easier to plan and manage your schedule
aScope 5 Broncho will be available and ready when needed - whatever size, whatever point of care.

Patient safety focus
Using a brand-new sterile scope straight from the pack eliminates the risk of patient-to-patient contamination (can be especially relevant for immunocompromised patients).

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