aScope 5 Broncho:
Bronchoscopy Like You've Never Seen It Before


With the launch of our 5th generation aScope bronchoscope, Ambu takes bronchoscopy to even greater heights with four different size single-use flexible bronchoscopes for diagnostic, therapeutic, and interventional procedures.

VIDEO | with “the excellent visual capabilities of the single-use scope, you can identify excellent detail down to the capillary level and also its very favorable maneuverability.”


Chief Thoracic Surgeon, Dr. Faiz Bhora, discusses the effectiveness of using the aScope 5 Broncho to perform a diagnostic bronchoscopy prior to EBUS and robotic procedures.

"I found the suctioning qualities of the scope to be excellent as well, in addition to its maneuverability and wonderful optics.”

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The Best Single-Use Bronchoscope for Advanced Procedures

Gone are the days when single-use scopes are relegated to just basic procedures in the operating room or ICU. Our aScope™ 5 Broncho offers flexibility with four different sizes available for diagnostic, therapeutic, peripheral airways or smaller anatomies.

  • Bending articulation better than any reusable you’ve ever used

  • Ease of use, reliability and simplicity never before available

  • Articulation with tools – what truly sets Ambu's aScope 5 apart from other advanced bronchoscopes

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RESEARCH | Comparison Study Shows aScope 5's Superior Performance

Read the comparison study that documents aScope 5 Broncho's superior levels of performance against reusable scopes for flexible bronchoscopy:

  • Expect a 17 % increase in flexion and an 83% increase in extension compared with the market leader reusable when you use aScope 5 with 2.8 mm biopsy forceps.
  • Look for a 21% increase in flexion and 61% increase in extension when you’re placing endobronchial valves in hard-to-reach segments.
  • Watch for 195 degrees of flexion and extension without tools — better than the standard reusable provides.

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* Drs. Kurman, Wagh, and Islam are paid consultants with Ambu

New Thin & Ultrathin Single-Use Bronchoscopes

Deliver advanced scope performance and next-generation image quality to your patients with our newest small anatomy offerings, the aScope™ 5 Broncho Thin (4.2/2.2) and Ultrathin (2.7/1.2). The Thin is perfect for peripheral bronchoscopy and for sampling and bleeding management during thoracic procedures. It features a regular-sized working channel, and is compatible with cryo and commonly-used endotherapy instruments. The Ultrathin, for even smaller anatomies, is the first single-use scope of its size with a working channel, and is suitable for ET tubes as small as 3.5mm.

For anesthesiologists, the Thin makes it easy to administer lidocaine and manage secretions. The Ultrathin, with its unique working channel, provides performance, ergonomics and image quality that surpasses the competition.

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The Best Bronchoscope: Designed for Diagnostic, Therapeutic & Interventional Procedures

Bright and clear view

Advanced processing helps ensure continuous image optimization. The 120° field-of-view and 3-100 mm depth-of-field HD system, with advanced adaptive auto control, gives you the bright, clear image you need.

Excellent maneuverability

Bending angles of 195°/195° (5.6/2.8 and 5.0/2.2) and 210°/210° (4.2/2.2 and 2.7/1.2), distal tip angulation range, flexible insertion tube & 120° left/right rotation function.

Broad endotherapy instrument compatibility

aScope 5 Broncho is compatible with the most common endotherapy instruments used for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in the bronchoscopy suite, such as biopsy forceps, cytology brushes, biopsy needles, cryoprobes, and high-frequency tools.

Meet the world’s only single-operator BAL system

The aScope™ 5 BronchoSampler™: our patented, closed-loop sampling system packages the aScope 5 Broncho HD with 60 ml specimen containers for a seamless system. No more concerns about contamination risk, lost samples and needing additional staff.

aScope 5 Clinical Procedure Videos

Argon Plasma Coagulation (APC) 
Watch as Dr. Ajay Wagh uses argon plasma coagulation with the aScope 5 Broncho HD to ablate a tumor.

Cryo Ablation of a Tumor
Dr. John D. Hinze performs a cryo ablation of an endotracheal tumor with the aScope 5 Broncho HD.

Valve Placement
Dr. John D. Hinze performs performs a valve placement using the aScope 5 Broncho HD.

Clinical Experience with the aScope 5 Broncho HD 
Dr. Jonathan Kurman discusses the high-degree of retroflexion with the aScope 5 Broncho.

aScope 5 Broncho HD System: 10 Clinical Procedures
Watch these 10 clinical procedure videos to see valve placement, rigid bronchoscopy, airway inspection, APC, cryotherapy, and more.

Be More Productive With Our Portable HD Monitor 

With Ambu’s all-in-one, single-use platform, everything is within reach to provide the best possible care for your patients —  anytime, anywhere. Our single-use flexible bronchoscope paired with the aView™ 2 Advance HD Monitor provides a portable solution with greater documentation efficiency for all your procedures.

  • Enhanced HD video experience, with slow-motion video playback, frame-by-frame analysis

  • Versatile audio recording and playback options to record the voice of the patient or dictate notes as you perform the procedure

  • Improved and simplified PACS/DICOM/EMR experience for procedure documentation

  • Modality worklist functionality (provided at no additional cost or subscription)

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Are You Ready to Use aScope 5 Broncho for Your Advanced Procedures?

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