We are Ambu

We are 3000 dedicated people.

Our vision: To save lives and improve patient care.​

Our mission: To provide our customers with innovative solutions that optimize workflow, reduce cost and improve patient care.

Our fields of excellence

Since 1937, breakthrough ideas have fueled our work on bringing efficient healthcare solutions to life. This is what we create within our three fields of excellence.


Successful airway management can make the difference between life and death. Whether confronted with a routine or a difficult airway, a single lung ventilation procedure or a bedside bronchoscopy procedure in the ICU, every one of our new generation of single-use visualization devices plays a role in assisting the clinician to be successful. 


With the innovative development of the first self-inflating resuscitator, the “Ambu bag” in 1956, Ambu forever changed the history of saving lives. Now more than half a century later we are still dedicated to the development of innovative products that help save lives and simplify workflow and the daily life of the anaesthetists for the benefit of the patients.

Patient Monitoring & Diagnostics

In 1971, a Danish engineer by the name of Jan Rasmussen recognized the need to obtain reliable traces from biosignals. Since then we have been leading the way in the design and development of high quality single-use electrodes for accurate diagnosis. Ambu offers a complete range of electrodes for different applications to meet your needs.

Our locations

Ambu is headquartered in Ballerup outside Copenhagen. The map shows in which countries we have production, R&D, distribution, and direct sales.

Ambu by the numbers

(fiscal year 2018/19)

2820 m

Revenue (DKK)


organic growth


years in business



What we believe in

More than a tagline, "Ideas that work for life," is part of everything we do.


Refining ideas that emerge from our excellent collaboration with healthcare professionals worldwide


Releasing the power of single-use devices that make a real difference in your daily work


Engaging you in a closer relationship aiming to share knowledge and foster great new ideas