Ambu offers single-use bronchoscopes that are sterile, always available and part of an integrated solution that improves safety, workflow and productivity. Here, you can learn about our products and explore clinical evidence, articles and other information for pulmonary specialists.

Sterile. Ready when you are.

The aScope 4 Broncho endoscopes are part of a single-use, flexible, ready-to-go bronchoscopy solution that improves safety and productivity. The endoscopes are sterile straight from the pack, always available and included in one hassle-free package. Pair them with the Aview™  2 Advance full-HD monitor to easily capture images on the go.

Ambu® aScope 4 Broncho Large 5.8/2.8


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Ambu® aScope 4 Broncho Regular 5.0/2.2


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aView™ 2 Advance Monitor

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Ambu® aScope 4 Broncho Slim 3.8/1.2


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How do doctors rate the Ambu single-use bronchoscope?

A new study1 showed a preference among physicians for the Ambu® aScope 4 Broncho single-use bronchoscope and Ambu® aView monitor over standard reusable bronchoscopes they have used. 

About the article:
• Published in Trends in Anaesthesia and Critical Care
• Based on Multi-centre European study intubations and bronchoscopies on 176 patients 
• Preference for aScope 4 Broncho may have been due to the quality of the imaging and the ability to bend up and down 180°

1Kriege M. Dalberg J Et al

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Facts and numbers

Bronchoscope availability
Do you always have access to a bronchoscope
when you need it?
Learn about the cost of bronchoscopy delay

Infection control
Is contamination of bronchoscopes really a problem? Get an overview of the risks and financial impact associated with reprocessing of reusable bronchoscopes.
Learn how cross contamination can affect workflow and costs


Bronchoscopy Calculator
To calculate the costs savings on moving from reusable to single-use bronchoscopes, take advantage of our bronchoscopy calculator.



Learn about the risk of reusable bronchoscope-related "Superbug" Infections, and get recommendations for improving safety (Mehta et al. 2019)
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Study in the Anaesthesia journal takes the cost of treating infection into account. (J.M. Mouritsen et al. 2019)
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Significant savings with single-use instead of reusable bronchoscopes for PDT (Sohrt et al. 2018)
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Average cost of reusable bronchoscopes comparable to or higher than single-use (Ofstead et al. 2018).
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Clinical evaluation

Closed-loop system more effective for collecting and protecting samples

Pulmonologist, Dr. Suveer Singh, evaluated Ambu® aScope BronchoSampler after procedures performed at two different hospitals. Dr. Singh found the sampling system to be quicker, easier and more effective than standard sampling solutions.

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Ambu single-use endoscopes can be used for a wide range of procedures, including intubation, secretion management, bedside PDT, BAL & BW, One Lung Ventilation and training.

Bedside PDT
Worried about damaging your bronchoscope during PDT?

Find out what you can do about it

“Availability is no longer a problem” Dr. Mark J.G. Gunn, The Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh

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One Lung Ventilation
The Ambu portfolio helps you overcome the challenges of proper placement.

Find out how

Facts and numbers

Health economics
Reusable flexible bronchoscopes include costs beyond the initial purchase price, including usage, reprocessing, storage, and transportation.
Learn about the true cost of reusable flexible bronchoscopes

Environmental impact
A study has compared the impact of single-use and reusable flexible bronchsocopes.
See the results

Interactive learning

Learn about the reprocessing of bronchoscopes and
the risk of infection with Dr. Michelle Alfa who has vast experience in this area.
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Discussion of the effectiveness of reprocessing flexible bronchoscopes by The American College of Chest Physicians with Cori Ofstead, MSPH and Atul C. Mehta, MBBS
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