Are cup electrodes
putting your patients
at risk?

Reusable EEG electrodes could be a source of bacteria-caused HAI

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Are your EEG budgets contaminated by hidden costs?

Hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) are among the most frequent adverse events occurring in healthcare. Besides causing considerable discomfort for patients, they also cause significant economic burden on healthcare systems.1,2

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Does inadequate cleaning methods put your patients at risk?

The cleaning process of reusable EEG cup electrodes is very comprehensive and costly. 

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Test single-use EEG electrodes for free 

The Ambu Neuroline Cup electrode is for single patient use, specially designed for clinical EEG, EP and PSG examinations. The consistent and superior signal quality as well as greater convenience.

The use of single-use electrodes eliminates the risk of cross-contamination.

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To learn more about the interaction between cross-contamination, the use of reusable EEG electrodes, the cost and the complexity of cleaning, please sign up for a noncommital meeting with your Ambu representative.

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