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Reduce Financial Risk 

Many of the cost drivers in reusable endoscopy lack cost transparency. With so many steps involved in reprocessing, it is difficult to track every individual cost to assess how much is spent overall to reprocess endoscopes. Bottom line, reusable endoscopes expose facilities to financial risk — that’s because most of the costs associated with reusables are largely fixed.

Reduce Financial Risk

From a Fixed to Variable Cost Model

Watch these videos and learn how reusable endoscopes expose facilities to financial risk. How? First, most of the costs associated with reusables are largely fixed: depreciating capital investments, reprocessing operations, and repair contracts.

These costs are not variable with the ups and downs of patient volumes — and this is especially concerning during the COVID-19 pandemic. That's because this can create scenarios where revenue drops but costs do not decline accordingly. Single-use costs, by contrast, vary with procedure volume, resulting in predictable margins. Single-use endoscopes are considered supplies, and as a result they do not depreciate and stay on a balance sheet for years like reusables.

Second, the risk of an outbreak related to endoscope contamination is not just a patient safety concern: The potential impact on institutional reputation is a big financial risk.

In the first video, Ambu Senior Health Economist Gabriel Brown explores one of his favorite topics: cost effectiveness, specifically the cost per procedure of conventional reusable duodenoscopes. And in the other video, we analyze the results of a study comparing single-use and reusable rhinolarygoscopes.

The True Cost of Reusable Duodenoscopes

Reusable vs Single-Use Rhinolaryngoscopes: Comparing the Costs and Performance

Cost Calculators

To calculate the costs savings on moving from reusable to single-use endoscopes, take advantage of our cost calculators for Bronchoscopes, Cystoscopes, and Duodenoscopes.

Explore the Possibilities

Your path to implementing single-use endoscopy starts with your location and your needs. For more information, speak with an Ambu advisor today.