KingUniversal F™ - Single-Limb Breathing Circuits

King Systems earned its reputation as an industry innovator when it introduced the Universal F® single-limb anesthesia breathing circuit in 1992. Desiring to improve patient care, increase efficiency and reduce the overall cost of anesthesia delivery, King Systems developed the first co-axial rebreathing and heat and moisture conservation system in the world.

• Single limb design creates a self contained, thermally efficient atmosphere wherein inspired gases are naturally warmed and humidified. 
• The Universal F transforms easily from an anesthesia delivery system to a transport unit, and if necessary, to a resuscitation circuit thereby increasing the quality of patient care and decreasing the number of products needed to serve a patient.
• Within the Universal F circuit, the inspired gases are warmed and humidified by the patient’s expired gases.
• Clear housing at patient and machine connections allows for visualization of circuit function and patient condition.


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Supplementary Information

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