KingTransport and PACU Kits

With the King Transport and PACU kits, the patient can be given up to 100% O2 during transport and in the PACU, with more cost effective components and less disposable waste. King Systems can provide this Continuum of Care.

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A Continuum of Care…the OR…Transport…PACU

…From the Operating Room

  • King Systems’ circuits have been shown to help maintain a patient’s body temperature,1,2,5 and provide humidification3,4 for the patient without the need of an HME.
  • The King Mask is available in 7 sizes, from neonates to the largest adult. We also offer the Fresh Scent and Sweet Dreams™ (pediatric) scented masks in most sizes.
  • King Breathing Bags are available in ½ liter to 3 liter sizes, including our easy to grip Contour Breathing Bag®, and our line of brightly colored Rainbow Breathing Bags® for pediatric patients.

…Through Transport

  • With King Systems’ transport kits, you can continue using the patient’s King circuit, mask, and breathing bag for transport – capable of delivering up to 100% O2, rather than using and disposing of more expensive products on the market for O2 delivery and resuscitation.

…To the PACU

  • With King Systems’ PACU components, you can continue using the patient’s King circuit and mask used in the OR, rather than using more expensive options and/or opening and disposing of more plastic components for O2 delivery in the PACU.

References/Studies (excludes 2-limb circuits): 1. The Universal F Breathing System Reduces the Number of Hypothermic Patients Entering the PACU. Thompson, Rast, Carson. 2. Evaluation of the King Systems Universal F Anesthesia Breathing Circuit. Campbell, Branson, Johnson, et. al. 3. Anesthesia Circuits, Humidity Output, and Mucociliary Structure and Function. Branson, Campbell, Davis, Porembka. 4. Humidification During Anesthesia: How and How Much. Branson, Davis, Porembka. 5. Data on file.

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