King Ped F2 - Pediatric Anesthesia Breathing Circuits

Similar to the King F2 circuit, the Ped F2 utilizes our unique dual chambered 2-in-1 high efficiency filter to provide separate protection of the inspiratory and expiratory ports.

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Key Benefits

  • checkCo-axial filter helps increases patient safety, simplifies set-up and eliminates the need for two filters
  • checkReduces problems associated with dead space and weight
  • checkReduces issues associated with increased flow resistance
  • checkDecreases the risk of disconnection
  • checkCompact, flexible and easy to handle
  • checkReduces the cost of delivered inhaled anesthetics
  • checkConverts easily to a transport unit, and if necessary, to a resuscitation circuit
  • checkHelps keep patients warm and comfortable
  • checkConverts into a high flow (Bain or Mapleson) circuit with connector and fresh gas extension

Spare parts

There are no spare parts or accessories for this product.

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