King F Flex2™

King F Flex2™ is the most versatile circuit that protects both the patient and machine from cross-contamination. Inspiratory and expiratory machine ports are covered by a single, dual-chamber, high-efficiency filter and expandable hosing offers the ability to shape the tubing near the patient airway and compress/expand to ideal length.

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Innovative and versatile coaxial system that...

Protects Both Patient and Machine

  • Protects both inspiratory and expiratory machine ports with a single, dual-chamber, high efficiency filter
  • Helps maintain patient body temperature as reported in independent studies1,2,5
  • Offers the ability to shape the tubing near the patient airway and ability to compress/expand tubing to ideal length between patient and machine which reduces the torque on the airway device

Simplifies Inventory

  • Reduce the number of circuit lengths stocked, due to flex tubing that expands to multiple lengths
  • Minimizes circuit types stocked, because the King F Flex2 can be used wherever an adult or pediatric two-limb is used
    • Whenever an adult or pediatric two limb is used the effective inner and outer diameter is equivalent to a standard two limb pediatric circuit
    • Elbow of the King F Flex2 has no more dead space than a pediatric 2-limb wye
  • Requires significantly less storage space, because flex tubing is packaged at its most compressed length

Decreases Potential Contamination of Circuit with Disposable Manifold

  • Single use disposable manifold reduces the amount of moisture in the circuit


  • 72” (1.8m) Flex2 circuit, expandable from 21” to 72” (0.5 to 1.8m)
  • 108” (2.7m) Flex2 circuit, expandable from 38” to 108” (1.0 to 2.7m)

Spare parts

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Supplementary Information

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April 2020

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