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Bronchoscopy During COVID-19: A Resource Guide

Learn how single-use bronchoscopes and Ambu can help during COVID-19 surges and long-term care management.

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Anesthesiology During COVID-19 Video Series

Ambu has partnered with Dr. Harriet Hopf for a 6-part educational video series exploring how the pandemic has reshaped anesthesia in the operating room.

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Bronchoscopy During COVID-19 Webinar Series

Watch our 4-part, educational webinar series, Bronchoscopy During COVID-19, where we look at the lessons learned during the first few months of the pandemic; changes in bronchoscopy procedures to protect the patient and the healthcare worker; and guidelines for future care.

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Summary of U.S. and International COVID-19 Guidelines and Publications

The benefits of single-use bronchoscopes to prevent and control infection are woven into many new industry guidelines in a world forever changed by COVID-19. As the virus demands attention to safety and forces shifts in patient volume and care, single-use devices safeguard the frontline. Read the latest guidelines.

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aScope 4 Broncho

aScope 4 Broncho is guaranteed sterile, always available and part of an integrated solution that improves safety, workflow and productivity. The bronchoscopes are compatible with the full HD resolution Ambu® aView™ 2 Advance displaying and processing unit, which can easily be connected to external monitors. 

Ambu® aScope 4 Broncho

Our essential single-use flexible bronchoscopy solution. It can be used for a wide array of procedures all over the hospital, from intubations and thoracic anaesthesia in the OR to routine bronchoscopy in the ICU.

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Ambu® aScope 4 Broncho Sampler Set

A closed-loop system, which protects the sample from start to finish and simplifies your workflow in the OR and ICU. The 30ml sampling solution is packaged together with aScope 4 Broncho Regular (5.0/2.2), and aScope 4 Broncho Large (5.8/2.8), respectively.

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Risks and best practices for bronchoscope use on COVID-19 patients

New front-line evidence from Cori Ofstead

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Listen to this 20-minute on-demand webinar or read the executive summary to learn about:

• New front-line evidence based on bronchoscopies performed on COVID-19 patients

• The risks bronchoscopy reprocessing personnel face due to potential exposure to contaminated bronchoscopes

• Recommendations for how to protect both patients and staff

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Executive summary:

Risks and best practices for bronchoscope use on COVID-19 patients

Ofstead & Associates


aScope 4 Broncho product guide videos

These videos will show you how to set up and use your products, answer common support questions and provide you with other practical information.

aScope 4 Broncho video overview and guide (6:40)

How to use the bronchoscope, including first-time setup, connecting, manoeuvring, performing intubations and OLVs and disposal

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aScope BronchoSampler video overview and guide (4:40)

How to set up and safely take samples during BAL/BW procedures 

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BAL procedure workflow with BronchoSampler (2:23)

How the aScope 4 Broncho and BronchoSampler are used to take a sample efficiently 

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