Anesthesiology During COVID-19 Video Series

Tools for Protecting Anesthesia Professionals and
Patients During a Pandemic

Dr. Harriet HopfAs the U.S. grapples with COVID-19, Ambu has partnered with Dr. Harriet Hopf – professor of anesthesiology and biomedical engineering at the University of Utah and an American Society of Anesthesiologists committee member –  to provide an educational video series outlining the importance of anesthesia filters and instructions of use.

This 6-part Anesthesiology During Covid-19 Educational Video Series explores how the pandemic has reshaped anesthesia in the operating room. The program begins with the differences between traditional and modern infection control and ends with an analysis of the long-term impact of COVID-19 on anesthesia practice.

In between, Dr. Hopf explains the significance of keeping a clean anesthesia work area and reducing cross-contamination with the five methods of hand hygiene. She also discusses the importance of filters, specifically how they protect patients from the anesthesia machine and the machine from the patient, and shares how to select the right filter and place it properly.

Anesthesiology During COVID-19 Part 1: Principles of Infection Control

Part one explores the differences between traditional and modern infection control as it relates to anesthesia. The COVID-19 pandemic has made preventing cross-contamination more important than ever.


Principles of Infection Control


Clean Work Area



Filter Awareness



Filter Types & Function



Filter Placement



COVID-19 and the Use of Filters 



Long Term Impact of COVID-19


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