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From the original novel coronavirus outbreak to the Delta and Omicron variants, COVID-19 continues to put unprecedented strain on our healthcare community. Healthcare providers and hospitals are stretched thin and have to continually balance between pandemic surge management and traditional, everyday patient care.

The challenges continue to evolve — and single-use bronchoscopy can help.

Here are several ways that adopting sterile, single-use bronchoscopes can help during COVID-19 surges and long-term care management:

Patient-Ready and Supports FDA Recommendations and AABIP Guidelines

Bronchoscopy is a valuable tool in managing COVID-19 patients in the ICU – and the sterile, single-use aScope 4 Broncho is ready to go, any time of day and in any location. Importantly, the FDA issued updated guidance in 2021, recommending that single-use bronchoscopes be utilized when there is increased risk of spreading infection, immunocompromised patient management, or when there is no support for immediate reprocessing of the bronchoscope. Additionally, as part of the updated guidance, the FDA recommends providers refer to the AABIP guidelines issued at the beginning of the pandemic that recommends single-use as first-line in managing COVID-19 patients.

Directly Support Workflow and Staff Shortage Challenges

The single-use aScope 4 Broncho reduces staff needs both at bedside procedures and in equipment management. Where traditional bronchoscopes will require extensive staffing — for preparation, transport, SPD reprocessing, and often direct procedure support — the aScope 4 Broncho and BronchoSampler do not require the same level of support. The result is a streamlined workflow directly with the procedure-performing clinician rather than overextended staff in SPD or in equipment transport and preparation. Ultimately, this will optimize safety and utilization, by reallocating support staff and resources to other essential activities and ensuring procedures can still be performed in the event of staff shortages. 

Maximizing Simplicity and Safety for Healthcare Providers

Ambu’s bronchoscopy platform — the aScope 4 Broncho, the BronchoSampler, and the aView 2 Advance display — empowers rapid bedside bronchoscopy setup and utilization, without complex parts or tower transports. The aScope 4 BronchoSampler integrated solution provides a unique advantage of simplifying sampling to the performing physician only, but also reduces potential aerosol-generating actions, improving safety for clinicians. Single-use bronchoscopy also eliminates potential support staff exposure from transporting and reprocessing reusable equipment. 

Quality and Financial Advantages During a Daunting Time

New research examined the health outcomes of more than 14,000 patients who underwent a bronchoscopy procedure and found that sterile, single-use bronchoscopes reduced the readmissions rate 53 percent compared with reusable bronchoscopes. That makes single-use an excellent addition to quality metric programs and a powerful tool in managing the financial challenges associated with readmissions. 

2022 Bronchoscopy COVID-19 Resource Guide - Updated

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