Training & Development

The AmbuDialogue

Ambu has introduced the AmbuDialogue, which is our performance appraisal tool. Each year, the employee and the immediate manager have a conversation about the employee's responsibilities, performance and development. 

Based on the personal development dialogue, the employee and manager together formulate a development plan in which the employee’s needs and desires are correlated with the goals and strategies of the department and the company. Competence development can be achieved via external or in-house courses and instruction, or through on the job training, job rotation or coaching.

We make a living from what we know and what we can. We believe it is essential for our employees to keep up on their skills in order to improve their own and Ambu’s performance.

Leadership development 

Good leadership is key to drive our growth, to develop our employees and our business. We offer training and development of managers on all levels. If you are a newly appointed manager, Ambu will invite you to participate in a training programme to give you the best possible start to your management career.

Developing managerial skills – Five Star Leadership

We have developed an Ambu specific leadership program, called Five Star Leadership, which defines the competencies and the way you are expected to lead and be led.

The program consists of 5 principles:

  • checkAuthenticity
  • checkBusiness Drive
  • checkInspiration
  • checkCustomer Focus
  • checkEmpowerment

Leadership evaluation

Ambu, we believe that feedback is essential to develop in your career. In the recruitment process for a managerial position, you will be tested in our Five Star Leadership Assessment tool. The same test will also be used to draft a managerial development plan for the hired candidate within the first 3 months of employment.

Additionally, each year, employees give feedback to their leader through a 180-degree evaluation process. The evaluation covers most areas of the daily leadership and is structured around Ambu’s Five Star Leadership principles. 

Following the evaluation, the employee and the manager together discuss the evaluation in an amical setting. In our experience, receiving feedback directly from employees is a very useful source to becoming an even better leader.