The Comprehensive One Lung Ventilation Portfolio

Ambu Innovations to Improve OLV Workflow and Patient Safety

Whether you perform one lung ventilation with a double lumen tube or a bronchial blocker, Ambu’s unique OLV portfolio has been designed to simplify your work life and keep your patients safe.

We understand that OLV procedures can be stressful, and we have the product portfolio to help.

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Next-Generation Technology For One Lung Ventilation

VivaSight™ 2 DLT

Innovation You Need to See: Continuous Visualization Only from Ambu

The Ambu VivaSight 2 DLT is a unique second-generation double lumen tube that provides continuous visualization throughout OLV. Its built-in camera and light source allow the anesthesiologist to quickly detect and correct tube migration. Vivasight 2 DLT increases patient safety, improves procedure workflow, and is a more cost effective OLV solution than a traditional double lumen tube.

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aScope™ 4 Broncho Slim

Always Available, Plug and Play, No Reprocessing

The sterile, single-use aScope™ 4 Broncho Slim is our fourth generation bronchoscope that is ready whenever a new scope is needed in OLV. This plug-and-play solution eliminates lengthy set-up and the frustration of missing pieces. You get improved patient safety and workflow without the risk of cross-contamination from unclean bronchoscopes.

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A Simpler Blocker Placing Experience

The UNIBLOCKER™ is the only bronchial blocker on the market that incorporates a steel mesh polyurethane covered shaft for direct control of the blocker into the targeted bronchus. The UNIBLOCKER also reduces gas diffusion during anesthesia by incorporating a gas barrier bronchial cuff.

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aView™ 2 Advance HD Monitor

High Definition Imaging at the Bedside

The aScope 4 Broncho and VivaSight 2 DLT connect to the aView 2 Advance, our portable, 12.8-inch full-HD monitor with Dual View that sets up in seconds and is intuitive to use.

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Simplifies Bronchial Placement

UNIVENT is a single-lumen silicone endotracheal tube with an integral lumen containing a bronchial blocker.​

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100% Silicone Double-Lumen Tube 

SILBRONCHO utilizes medical grade silicone designed to minimize trauma and reduce heat-related kinking. The wire reinforced distal tip adds flexibility during difficult left or right bronchial placement.

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For more information on the products in our comprehensive OLV portfolio, please fill in the request form below. You’ll also get access to our 24-page Practical Guide to OLV Booklet which provides a summary of the tools available, helps you choose the right equipment, and shows you simple techniques for success.