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New possibilities.

New possibilities

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​The Ambu® aScope™ 4 Cysto is a single-use, flexible endoscope that enables you to take control of your schedule and be more productive – without compromising on the quality of your work.

Consistent quality

aScope 4 Cysto never deteriorates because you get a brand-new cystoscope for every procedure.

Always available and portable

aScope 4 Cysto makes it easier to manage your schedule and deal with in-house consult procedures.

Eliminates the need for reprocessing and costly repairs

aScope 4 Cysto eliminates the need for reprocessing and enables you to cut costs such as cleaning supplies, maintenance, and costly repairs.

As a result, it simplifies workflow, frees up resources and enables you to treat more patients.

Experience the new possibilities

Excellent imaging

Count on clear sharp images, which make it easy to identify anatomical structures.

Smooth maneuverability

The high bending angles and varied stiffness of the insertion cord help you navigate. You can advance and completely retroflex the cystoscope to inspect the bladder neck even with the forceps inserted. 

Consistent quality

Because you get a new cystoscope for every procedure, there is no risk of damage or deterioration affecting image or bending quality.


You can assure your patients that you will be performing the procedure with a single-use, sterile cystoscope opened straight from the package just for them.

A straightforward procedure

Place the aView 2 Advance monitor in a comfortable position close to your patient, take images and videos, and go over the results with the patient post-procedure in peace and quiet.

Always available and portable

Makes it easy to plan and manage your day and deal with unscheduled in-house consult procedures.

Frees up resources

If you currently reprocess your reusable flexible cystoscopes locally, aScope 4 Cysto, will enable you to reallocate staff time to assist on more procedures.

Eliminates costs associated with reusable cystoscopes

Remove costs, such as cleaning supplies, maintenance and repairs.


Take a closer look at the intelligent design

Moves the distal tip up or down in a single plane.

The curved, rippled surface makes it comfortable to hold during procedures.

For connection of luer lock and luer slip accessories and insertion of endoscopic accessories.

The tip is rounded for easy insertion. It contains the camera and light source (two LEDs). The Field of view is 120° and Depth of field is 3-100mm.

The 210°/120° bending angle facilitates retroflexion for visualization of the bladder neck with and without forceps in place.
The insertion cord has a soft, smooth surface for easy insertion. When the handle is rotated, the movement of the distal end corresponds to the rotation of the proximal end.
Easily connects to the blue inlet on the aView 2 Advance monitor.

Introducing aScope 4 Cysto

Accessories and additional product information

Accessories: Stopcocks & Y-Valves 

Item number: K12-11412  
Name: Stopcock.4-Way.50 psi (3.5 bar).Swivel Nut.Large Bore

Item number: K12-11413 
​Name: Hemostasis Valve.AccessPLUS™.Large Bore

* Please note that the listed accessories are not available in all countries​.


​Additional product information

aScope 4 Cysto is available in two versions: one with standard deflection, commonly used in the US, and one with reverse deflection, commonly used in the EU. 

Standard deflection
Moving the control lever downward will make the tip bend down (posteriourly). Moving it upward will make the tip bend up (anteriourly).


Reverse deflection
Moving the control lever downward will make the tip bend up (anteriorly). Moving it upward will make the tip bend down (posteriorly).


aScope 4 Cysto is suitable for

  • Flexible cystoscopy
  • In-house cystoscopy consult procedures

Ambu® aView™ 2 Advance HD monitor

When combined with the portable 12.8” HD aView2 Advance monitor, this single-use flexible cystoscopy platform provides an effective solution for all flexible cystoscopy procedures across various clinical settings. 

Because the cystoscope is single-use, there’s no deterioration of image quality, and you don´t have to worry about damaging the camera on the tip of the cystoscope. 

In addition, the aScope 4 Cysto solution is portable. Just take the lightweight aScope 4 Cysto and aView 2 Advance monitor with you – wherever and whenever you need it. 

You can easily place the HD monitor in the ideal position for any clinical situation, and it’s easy to take images and videos and go over the results with the patient later with them.

Technical specifications

Bending angle

210° up, 120° down

Field of view


Depth of field

3-100 mm

Outer diameter

16.2 Fr/5.4 mm

Working channel inner diameter

6.6 Fr/2.2 mm

Insertion cord length

390 mm

Spare parts

There are no spare parts or accessories for this product.



file_download aScope® Value Program
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Instructions for Use

file_download Ambu® aScope™ 4 Cysto IFU
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Supplementary Information (8)

file_download Evolution of Single-Use Urologic Endoscopy
(1.46 MB - pdf)
file_download aScope™ 4 Cysto Quick Reference Guide
(436.86 KB - pdf)
file_download aScope Sustainability Program
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file_download aScope 4 Cysto vs. Hybrid Cystoscopes
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file_download aScope 4 Cysto vs. Gas Plasma Sterilization
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file_download aScope 4 Cysto Coding and Reimbursement Guide
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file_download aScope 4 Cysto Clinical Evidence Dossier
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March 2020

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