The hiring process

Beware of Employment Scams

Please note: Amid the COVID-19 pandemic there has been an increase in employment scams. Ambu will never ask our candidates to provide a processing fee or to participate in interviews via a web-based service, such as an instant messaging service. An official list of Ambu’s job postings will be on our website, view Ambu USA openings.

Please read below for more information on job scams and how to report them if you are a victim: 

If you have any questions regarding an employment opportunity please reach out to Ambu’s Human Resources Team at

Your application

When you apply for a job at Ambu, please submit an application and a CV.

Your application will give us our first impression of you as a person; therefore it should be more than simply a cover letter for your CV. We expect your application to be job specific, in which you provide a nuanced and detailed description of your particular competences as they relate to the requirements of the job you seek. Your application must also include the factors that have motivated you to apply for this particular job, and how the position appeals to you personally.

When you send your application by e-mail or by letter, the application will be registered, and you will receive a receipt by e-mail or letter. Please note that we prefer applications to be sent online, to the mail address at the bottom of each job opening.

At the end of the application deadline, all applications will be reviewed, and candidates will be selected for interviewing.

All applications are treated confidentially.
The hired candidate’s application will be filed in the personnel files; all other applications will be destroyed once the recruitment process has been completed.

The interview

If we believe that you have the right qualifications for the job and you are amongst the best qualified candidates, we will invite you to an interview. The interview is intended to give you a better idea of the job in question, and insight into whether Ambu is the right place for you to work.
At the same time we will have an opportunity to assess your qualifications in relation to the specific position.

As a rule, candidates will be invited to two or three interviews before being offered a position.

A personality test

If the vacancy is a managerial position and in some cases a specialist position, the shortlisted candidates will be asked to take a personality test, a tool that helps to make the interview more structured.

The test is an online questionnaire, and you take the test at your convenience.

You will receive feedback on the test results during the interview or in writing.

All test results will be treated confidentially.

Overall assessment

Once all the interviews have been completed, we will make a total assessment of the remaining candidates and, based on that evaluation, pick the candidate who will be offered the job.

All recruiting at Ambu is carried out by Human Resources in cooperation with individual managers.

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