Global Inclusion and Diversity Policy

Purpose and Scope
Ambu wants to continually be able to attract, develop and retain talent and believes that there should be equal opportunities for all irrespective of gender, age, race, nationality, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, education, perspective and other diversity factors.

Ambu’s commitment to diversity and inclusion rests on:

  • Our company values – Results with speed, Collaboration and Integrity
  • Our commitment to the United Nations Global Compact and the Ten Principles
  • Our Code of Conduct which sets out our principles for desired responsible and ethical behaviour

An inclusive, diverse and equitable work environment ensures a sense of belonging, that engages our people’s full potential where innovation and performance can thrive.  In order to do this, we focus on our values of collaboration and integrity to drive inclusion in our teams. Ambu also recognizes the social responsibility to ensure equal opportunities across the societies where Ambu operates.  

The Policy applies to all employees across Ambu A/S.

Women in Management
Diversity is important to Ambu, and a part of this is to ensure a proportionate number of women in management.

We celebrate the unique qualities, perspectives and life experiences, which define us as individuals. This includes our visible differences as gender, age, ethnicity or physical appearance, as well as religion, national identity and education. This creates a vibrant community and enables us to represent the global diversity of our stakeholders, partners, customers and users. 

Ambu has a special focus on gender diversity to ensure as balanced a field of applicants as possible. It is a goal of Ambu that in 2022/23 there will be 40% female representation in Management at all levels. This ambition will never override that Ambu selects, recruits and develops people not solely on their demonstrated ability, but also on the basis of their potential. Management is defined in Ambu as any person with people management responsibilities.

Ambu also wants a diversified workforce. Available positions are given to the best candidate, and since English is the official language of the company, we often employ other nationals than nationals of the country in which the company is placed. When an applicant without language-capabilities of the country they are employed in is employed, Ambu aids them in adjusting by offering language-courses. Ambu also helps our expats around the world by ensuring they receive help and answers to the many questions that may arise in connection with the new placement, including taxation, work-authorization, housing, schools and more. 

Working with colleagues of different cultures, ages, genders and ethnicity Ambu feels is a valuable asset to both the professional and social atmosphere of our company. 

Board of Directors and Executive Management
Ambu wants to achieve a broad composite of gender, nationalities, age, education, qualifications, competences and thereby perspectives among the board members and executive management. The members should together have sufficient knowledge, insight and professional experience to understand Ambu's activities and the risks connected hereto.

Ambu’s goal in 2024/25 is to ensure diversity in Board of Directors and Executive Management and disclose the goals and actual numbers of different genders, nationalities and age intervals in our annual reporting. Our goal is to have both genders, nationalities and age intervals represented within Board of Directors and Executive Management. Education and business backgrounds are described as part of the presentation of Board of Directors and Executive Management. 

The individual salary for each employee is set from an evaluation of the employees' role and position, professional experience, length of employment, education and responsibility, complexity of the position held, local market conditions, the business unit and individual performance.

Ambu has a focus on diversity and inclusion, and any employee's salary will be set without prejudice, and based solely on merit. 

  • A conversational AI tool has been implemented in our recruitment process to aid in minimizing human bias and to track diversity data in our hiring process
  • Our recruitment process and marketing materials are to be reviewed for gender neutral language and to mitigate biases

Ambu is committed to gender pay equality and will continuously monitor and measure our performance to ensure a potential gender pay gap is closed.

Communication and reporting
Our initiatives to ensure diversity will be communicated on our website and in our sustainability report. Annually, the geographical locations will be reporting on the progress to further diversity in Ambu. This will ensure momentum and continued focus on both gender representation and diversity in general within the company.

Review and approval
The Policy must be adapted on an on-going basis to reflect changes in Ambu's activities and must be reviewed and if necessary revised at least once a year.

The Policy is approved by the Executive Board on 16-08-2021.

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