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Ambu® Neuroline™ Inoject

Ambu® Neuroline™ Inoject gives you the reliability you need for injection of Botulinum Toxin and is compatible with a Luer-Lock fitting to provide a secure syringe connection.

The needle tip cut is designed with a small angle to reduce the penetration force, while providing a sufficient sensor area for a suitable impedance level.

Neuroline Inoject is available in six different sizes to meet your needs with more choices.

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Features & benefits

  • checkThe needle tip cut is designed to reduce the penetration force
  • checkStays sharp after repositioning
  • checkOffset pre-attached lead wire - minimizes interference with the syringe
  • checkSilicone coating reduces friction when inserting and moving the needle in the target area
  • checkCompatible with Luer-Lock fitting to provide secure connection to a syringe
  • checkThe needle features a precision grip hub that facilitates fine motor control
  • checkColor-coded hub - simple size identification
  • checkSignal quality with a stable impedance level

General information

Ambu Neuroline Inoject gives you the confidence and reliability you need during the injection of Botulinum Toxin. The needles are manufactured with the optimum combination between strength and flexibility.

Ambu Neuroline Inoject needles are made of stainless steel with a smooth coating to minimize friction. The tip of the needle is sharpened with ultra precision to a back-cut bevel shape for consistent quality and easy skin penetration. The needle hub has a Luer-Lock fitting, which you can choose to use for a secure connection to the syringe.

The needles are available with a pre-attached 76 cm (30") lead wire featuring a 1.5 mm, touch-proof safety connector (DIN 42 802). The needles exist in 6 different sizes to cover all treatment areas. 

Suitable applications

Electromyography (EMG) Needle Electrode designed for Botulinum Toxin therapy during nerve block procedures.


With pre-attached
lead wire
Item no.mminchesmmGauge
744 25-30/10251"0.3030G
744 30-36/10301.2"0.3628G
744 35-40/10351.4"0.4027G
744 38-45/10381.5"0.4526G
744 50-50/10502"0.5025G
744 75-55/10753"0.5524G

Electrodes are packed in individual pouches. 10 electrodes per box. 

Sensor type

Stainless steel

Needle length

6 lengths from 25 mm (1”) to 75 mm (3”)

Lead wire length

76 cm (30”)

Connector type


Spare parts

There are no spare parts or accessories for this product.



file_download EMG Needle Guide
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file_download Neurodiagnostics Catalog
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file_download Ambu Neuroline Inoject Datasheet
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Supplementary Information

file_download Reach document for Medical Devices
(261.89 KB - pdf)
file_download Symbol Explanation
(1.22 MB - pdf)
file_download Rationale for Single patient use devices
(606.22 KB - pdf)

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