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Ambu® Neuroline™ Concentric

The Ambu® Neuroline Concentric range comprises single patient needle electrodes for EMG recordings. It is available in six different sizes to meet your needs with more choices. Superior robotic production with a unique vision control system ensures you a reliable and consistent quality.

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Features & benefits

  • checkSilver sensor for suitable impedance level
  • checkStays sharp after repositioning
  • checkStable impedance level throughout the examination
  • checkSilicone coating reduces friction when inserting and moving the needle in the target area
  • checkThe needle tip cut is designed to reduce the penetration force
  • checkColor-coded hub offers simple size identification
  • checkTactile index mark on hub to assist identification of the bevel position
  • checkPrecision grip hub facilitates fine motor control
  • checkOrientation-free connection to Ambu Neuroline Concentric cables

General information

Every size is manufactured with the optimum combination between strength and flexibility. A strength that will ensure that you can quickly locate the target area, and a flexibility that facilitates fine adjustments within the muscle.

The needle electrodes have a user-friendly hub with the special ribbing and an ergonomic shape to optimize your handling of the needle.

​All Neuroline Concentric needles feature a colour-coded hub with a tactile index mark to indicate the recording position of the bevel.

Ambu also offers Neuroline Concentric cables with a length of either 100 cm (40”) or 200 cm (80”).

Suitable applications

Electromyography (EMG)

Clinical Studies


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Needle Identification with color coding:

 Length Calibre Recording
Item no.mminchesmmGaugemm2
740 25-30/25251"0.3030G0.02
740 25-45/25251"0.4526G0.07
740 30-35/25301.2"0.3528G0.02
740 38-45/25381.5"0.4526G0.07
740 50-45/25502"0.4526G0.07
740 75-65/25753"0.6523G0.07

Electrodes are packed in individual pouches. 25 electrodes per box.

To complement our concentric needles Ambu has introduced a soft, flexible and re-usable cable with DIN-connector.

Please look under Spare parts & Accessories for further information.

Sensor type


Needle length

6 lengths from 25 mm (1”) to 75 mm (3”)

Concentric Cable length

100 cm (40"), 200 cm (80")

Connector type

DIN (60130-9)

Spare parts

There are no spare parts or accessories for this product.



file_download EMG Needle Guide
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file_download Ambu Neuroline Concentric Datasheet
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Supplementary Information

file_download Reach document for Medical Devices
(261.89 KB - pdf)
file_download Symbol Explanation
(6.97 MB - pdf)
file_download Rationale for Single patient use devices
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January 2020

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