Ambu® Neuroline 700

The Neuroline 700 is the smallest conductive, self-adhesive and repositionable surface electrode within the Ambu Neurology portfolio. The electrode backing material is flexible, comfortable, soft and breathable, ensuring minimum skin irritation.

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  • checkSolid gel makes it repositionable
  • checkWell defined sensor area ensures easy reproduction of results
  • checkSpecial design prevents the electrode from falling off if wire is pulled
  • checkSmall - makes it easy to apply on the face
  • checkAg/AgCl ensures a good signal
  • checkNo risk of cross-contamination
  • checkUseful for examinations of children due to its small size and flexible material

General information

It is easily repositioned, enabling technicians to locate the best recording site without leaving messy gel deposits to be wiped off.

Since the electrode has a well-defined measuring area, recording conditions can be accurately reproduced. There is no risk of cross-contamination and the need for costly maintenance has been eliminated.

Patient comfort is of the utmost importance. Both the sensor and the lead wire on the Ambu Neuroline 700 are made of a soft and flexible material that keeps irritation to a minimum and ensures that the patient is not uncomfortable from sleeping on a hard electrode and lead wire.

The electrode offers a high degree of patient comfort which is essential, as an optimal test result depends on the patient getting undisturbed sleep.   


Ambu Neuroline 700 is available with a thin and soft lead wire. The lengths of the lead wire vary from 10 cm to 200 cm, and are available with three different connector types to match different types and brands of equipment.

Ambu Neuroline 700 with lead wire lengths of 100 cm (40"), 150 cm (60") and 200 cm (80") comes with coloured lead wires in series of red, green, black and white. 

Suitable applications

Neurophysiological examinations of muscles and/or nerves.

Technical specifications

See datasheet for more specifications.

Sensor type

Silver/Silver chloride

Gel type

Solid gel

Lead wire length

10 cm (4”), 20 cm (8”), 40 cm (20”), 100 cm (40”), 150 cm (60”), 200 cm (80”)

Lead wire colour

Series of red, green, black, white (for lead wire lengths 100 cm (40”), 150 cm (60”) and 200 cm (80”))

Connector type

K, J, M, SC Connectors

Spare parts

There are no spare parts or accessories for this product.



file_download Neurodiagnostics Catalog
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file_download Ambu Neuroline 700 Datasheet
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Supplementary Information

file_download Reach document for Medical Devices
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file_download Symbol Explanation
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file_download Rationale for Single patient use devices
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