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Ambu® Neuroline Concentric

The Ambu® Neuroline Concentric range comprises single patient needle electrodes for EMG recordings. It is available in six different sizes to meet your needs with more choices. Superior robotic production with a unique vision control system ensures you a reliable and consistent quality.


  • check Superior robotic production for consistently high quality
  • check Ergonomic hub design with an index mark allows secure grip and orientation
  • check Ultra sharp tip eases insertion and gives less pain
  • check Reduced friction due too smooth surface of the cannula
  • check Well-defined recording area gives easy reproduction of results
  • check Color-coded hub offers simple size identification
  • check 6 sizes - more choices
  • checkNo risk of cross-contamination

General information

Every size is manufactured with the optimum combination between strength and flexibility. A strength that will ensure that you can quickly locate the target area, and a flexibility that facilitates fine adjustments within the muscle.

The needle electrodes have a user-friendly hub with the special ribbing and now with an even more ergonomic shape to optimize your handling of the needle.

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Needle Identification with color coding:

  Length   Calibre   Recording
Item no. mm inches mm Gauge mm2
740 25-30/25 25 1" 0.30 30G 0.02
740 25-45/25 25 1" 0.45 26G 0.07
740 30-35/25 30 1.2" 0.35 28G 0.02
740 38-45/25 38 1.5" 0.45 26G 0.07
740 50-45/25 50 2" 0.45 26G 0.07
740 75-65/25 75 3" 0.65 23G 0.07

Electrodes are packed in individual pouches. 25 electrodes per box.

To complement our concentric needles Ambu has introduced a soft, flexible and re-usable cable with DIN-connector.

Please look under Spare parts & Accessories for further information.

Spare parts

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Supplementary Information

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January 2020

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