Monopolar Needle Penetration Study

Take a look at the penetration force and drag force of 3 market leading monopolar EMG needles, plus you can request free samples of our best-selling Ambu® Neuroline Monopolar Needles.


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50% less peak force during insertion

Ambu's monopolar needle requires about half the peak force during penetration. Ambu's needle has a back bevel cut design making it sharper. Previous studies have shown that patients prefer sharper needles.1



50% less drag force after insertion

The Ambu Monopolar Needle exposes patients to half the drag force of the market leading needle. Drag - or friction force - is extremely significant in EMG studies when the needle will be re-positioned and potentially used in multiple locations.

1 Less Penetration Force, Less Painful and Preferred - Becton Dickinson Needle Study



What our customers say

“I’ve had access to many different needles throughout my career. The Ambu monopolar needles give a great signal and ensure the best patient tolerance out of any that I’ve used.”

Dr. John A. Roffers – Glendale, WI

“I especially love the Ambu monopolar needles. There is markedly less resistance with needle insertion and advancement in the muscle compared to the needle I have been using forever."

Dr. P. Andrew Nelson - Medical College of Wisconsin


Ambu® Neuroline Monopolar

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