Celebrating 65 Years of Lifesaving Innovation

Ambu was founded 83 years ago with the mission of making a difference in patients’ lives. Our founder, Dr. Holger Hesse, believed that patient care could be improved through science and innovation. One of the products that he was the most proud of was the Ambu® Bag™ resuscitator to provide oxygen in emergency situations.

The Ambu Bag manual resuscitator debuted in 1956 and quickly embedded itself in the medical community’s psyche for its power to save lives whether at the bedside, curbside, or on the battlefield.

In 2021, we celebrate the Ambu Bag's 65th anniversary, by sharing a series of stories and videos highlighting this lifesaving technology. Long imitated, Ambu is still the name that rolls off the tongues of doctors and emergency medical personnel when they need a manual resuscitator. Enjoy, and thank you for visiting.

'A Lifesaving Tool'

A Maryland firefighter is critically injured. A doctor races to the scene to treat him. Both men recount the night an Ambu Bag helped save a life from a deadly head-on collision.

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The Ambu Bag

 Helping more than 45 million patients breathe in the last decade alone