Ambu® AuraOnce™ Disposable Laryngeal Mask

The Ambu® AuraOnce™ is a disposable, anatomically curved laryngeal mask airway.

As the original anatomically curved laryngeal mask product, the AuraOnce features a curved airway tube which is designed to replicate the natural curve of the airway anatomy to help facilitate fast and easy placement in the patient’s airway.

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Features & benefits

  • checkThe original, anatomically curved laryngeal mask
  • checkCuff and airway tube molded as single unit for extra safety - no separation
  • checkThe surface has a microstructured texture to ease insertion
  • checkA soft cuff ensures a good seal with low mucosal pressure
  • checkPilot balloon identifies mask size and provides precise tactile indication of degree of inflation
  • checkErgonomically shaped airway tube for firm and ergonomic grip during insertion
  • checkConvenient depth marks for monitoring correct position
  • checkMR safe
  • checkMade from phthalate-free material

General information

The Ambu AuraOnce features a curved airway tube which is designed to replicate the natural curve of the airway anatomy. Similarly to the other Ambu laryngeal mask products, the AuraOnce has a thin and soft cuff which is able to establish a seal with a low cuff pressure. It is also associated with fast insertion times and high seal pressures that facilitate the provision of effective ventilation.

Suitable applications

Routine anaesthesia, difficult airway patients, failed intubation, resuscitation.

Clinical Studies


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See datasheet for more specifications.

Spare parts

There are no spare parts or accessories for this product.



file_download Aura Family Brochure
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file_download Ambu AuraOnce Datasheet
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Instructions for Use

file_download IFU Ambu® AuraOnce™ V01 - 2022/12
(2.04 MB - pdf)

Supplementary Information

file_download Reach document for Medical Devices
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file_download Symbol Explanation
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December 2019

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