Ambu® AuraGain™ Disposable Laryngeal Mask

The Ambu AuraGain is a disposable second-generation supraglottic airway featuring the original anatomical curve that provides a high level of patient safety and airway management efficiency.

The AuraGain is associated with fast insertion times and high seal pressures, and may also be used as a conduit for intubation. 

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Features & benefits

  • checkAnatomically curved, second-generation laryngeal mask
  • checkFast insertion times and high seal pressures
  • checkThin and soft cuff to establish a seal over the airway anatomy
  • checkIntegrated gastric channel with easy gastric tube placement
  • checkLarge, flat backplate for stability once inserted
  • checkBuilt-in bite absorption area to protect against airway occlusion
  • checkSuitable for use as a conduit for intubation
  • checkCuff design prevents tip backfolding
  • checkNavigation markings to guide flexible scopes
  • checkInsertion markings to indicate the intended depth of insertion
  • checkMR Safe
  • checkPhthalate-free material

General information

A complete disposable second-generation laryngeal mask

The Ambu AuraGain is an anatomically shaped second-generation laryngeal mask that features an integrated gastric channel for easy gastric tube placement, an integral bite absorption area to protect against occlusion, and a thin, soft inflatable cuff capable of establishing high seal pressures.

High seal pressures

The thin and soft cuff of the AuraGain is designed to deliver high seal pressures (documented up to 40cmH2O). It is also able to establish a seal with a low cuff pressure in order to minimise the risk of compression trauma to the soft tissues of the airway.

Rapid placement, stable fit

The AuraGain is capable of fast insertion times, and also features a large, flat backplate that is designed to provide additional stability for the device when positioned.

Integrated gastric access

The integrated gastric channel enables easy passage of a gastric tube into the stomach for the purpose of suction or decompression.

Intubation capability

As an additional safety feature, the AuraGain can also be used as a conduit for intubation. In an unexpected difficult airway case, or a “Can’t intubate – Can’t ventilate” scenario, where the objective is to intubate the patient, a tracheal tube can be passed through the airway tube of the AuraGain, with the guidance of a flexible scope (such as the Ambu aScope) in order to intubate the patient.

Versatility in action

Fast insertion times, high seal pressures, integrated gastric access and the ability for use as a conduit for intubation make the AuraGain a highly versatile device, suitable for a wide range of clinical applications. 

Suitable applications

Routine anaesthesia, difficult airway patients, failed intubation, resuscitation, use as a conduit for intubation.

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Instructions for Use

file_download IFU Ambu® AuraGain™ V05 2022/05
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Product Information

file_download Ambu AuraGain Product Information
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Supplementary Information

file_download AuraGain Clinical Studies Compendium
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November 2015

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