Ambu Single-Use Endoscopes
Are Ready for You

At Ambu, we have been saving time and improving workflow efficiencies with our single-use endoscopes since 2009.

Our portable, plug-and-play platform is ready-made for hospitals, clinics, and organizations with high-quality visualization whenever and wherever you need it. There are no complex tower configurations to navigate.

Ambu single-use endoscopes, combined with our  aView™ 2 Advance HD monitor, are the solution you need to meet today’s healthcare challenges.

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Powering the Evolution in Single-Use Endoscopy

Whether it is an intensivist performing a bronchoscopy, an ENT doctor performing a flexible laryngoscopy or a urologist performing a bedside cystoscopy, you can standardize clinical areas within your institution with the same high-quality monitor available at a reasonable investment.

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Forever Forward 

We believe patients and healthcare systems deserve a better way to do endoscopy

Ambu: The Single-Use Endoscopy Leader

Learn how Ambu is gearing up to offer endoscopes across all major areas of endoscopy, with a focus on meeting hospital needs, cutting organizational costs, and making patient safety our top priority. 

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