Introducing the Ambu® aScope™ Duodeno:
Your Sterile, Single-Use Duodenoscope

Eliminate reprocessing, repairs, patient cross contamination, and reduce cost/capital.

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Dr. Todd Baron Assesses the aScope Duodeno for ERCP

Dr. Baron is a therapeutic endoscopist who has performed more than 20,000 endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) procedures and has developed novel interventional endoscopic techniques to treat patients with gastrointestinal, liver and other medical conditions.

He offers a clinician’s assessment of Ambu’s new aScope Duodeno, from its functionality to its impact on patient safety, productivity and capital investment.

“I was very impressed with the way the Ambu single-use duodenoscope mirrored what the handling was like with the reusable endoscopes that I’ve been using for the past 25 years,” Baron says.

Sterile. Single-use. Problem solved.

Sterile straight from the pack, the Ambu® aScope™ Duodeno is a single-use duodenoscope for ERCP procedures. Based on the latest conventional duodenoscopes, the aScope Duodeno is familiar in form and function, delivering reliable performance for you.

At Ambu, we take pride in specializing in manufacturing of single-use endoscopes. In fact, our single-use endoscopes are used in more than 3,800 hospitals every year. And we’re excited to now bring our expertise and know-how to endoscopists in gastroenterology.

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Finally address concerns about patient cross-contamination.

For decades, interventional endoscopists have used duodenoscopes to perform lifesaving ERCP procedures. There is, however, growing concern that even with the most stringent cleaning procedures, patient cross-contamination can occur with reusable duodenoscopes.

With the aScope Duodeno, you have a brand new sterile, single-use duodenoscope straight from the pack every time, and there is no risk of patient cross-contamination. What’s more, there’s no need for costly reprocessing or repairs.

Learn about infection control in gastroenterology.

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Dr. Frank Gress
"From a technical point of view, aScope Duodeno hits the mark. I think the future of endoscopy is going to be single-use. We saw this happen with accessory instruments in the late 1990s and early 2000s, converting from reusable devices like snares to single-use devices. Now, I believe endoscopes are the next step in that evolution."

FDA Study
In a study required by the FDA, conventional duodenoscope manufacturers reported more than 1 in 20 reusable duodenoscopes were contaminated with highly concerning organisms. This was despite proper cleaning and adherence to established protocols.
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ERCP Survey Poster
Download and read our survey results poster where gastroenterologists say they would convert 50% of their ERCP procedures to single-use.
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A Conventional Scope in a Single-Use Solution.

Ambu’s aScope Duodeno functions like a conventional duodenoscope, so it requires no special training.


Simple Setup.

  • The aScope Duodeno solution consists of a single-use duodenoscope and aBox™ Duodeno unit.
  • Remove the aScope Duodeno from its packaging, connect it to the aBox and the system is ready.

Reliable Product Specs.

  • An outer diameter of 13.7 mm and a working channel of 4.2mm make it possible to take biopsies, cannulate the papilla and perform other procedures.
  • When you perform ERCP procedures, the aScope Duodeno elevator performs reliably with compatible endoscopic accessories

Familiar Control.

  • Ergonomic, rippled-surface handle and lightweight design makes the aScope Duodeno comfortable to use no matter how long the procedure.
  • High-definition imaging and flexible bending angles (Up: 120°, Down: 90°, Right: 110°, Left: 90°) enable you to visualize the mucosa in detail and navigate the gastrointestinal tract efficiently.
  • Remote switches are programmable, providing you with options such as freeze and image capture.

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The new aScope Duodeno by Ambu.

Sterile. Single-use. Problem solved.


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