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The aScope Gastro provides a new, sterile gastroscope for every patient in any setting. Simply unpack the gastroscope, connect it to the ancillary equipment and the Ambu® aBox™ 2 display and processing unit — with its built-in touchscreen HD monitor — and get to work.

The aScope Gastro solution gives you consistent quality, feel, and performance for gastroscopy procedures —  with no hidden costs.

Dr. Wilson Tsai, board-certified Thoracic Surgeon, discusses how the aScope Gastro helps with his procedures primarily focused on esophageal diseases.

Dr. Vani Konda, MD talks about the benefits of the aScope Gastro for bedside evaluations.

General surgeon Dr. Jawad Ali discusses how the accessibility of the aScope Gastro can make the difference in delivering faster patient care.


Available at all times and in any setting

Ambu single-use GI endoscopes are always sterile and ready to use — removing potential barriers to a smooth workflow. The immediate availability of a single-use endoscope makes it ideal for scenarios where time and efficiency are critical.

No handling, zero reprocessing, and nothing to repair

Ambu single-use GI endoscopes eliminate the need to reschedule when endoscopes are being used elsewhere. They also prevent the backlogs caused by broken reprocessing equipment. And with a single-use endoscope, there is no more waiting on repairs and replacements.

Fast to set up, easy to use

The sleek, intuitive design of the aScope Gastro solution makes it easy to use and fast to set up in existing room layouts. Its compact monitor with built-in touchscreen has a small footprint, making it a good option for tight spaces or moving around.

A simpler routine

Discard the used gastroscope after the procedure, unpack a new one, and you are ready for the next patient.


No need to worry about inadequate cleaning

Reusable gastroscopes pose cross-contamination risks for patients. The combination of difficult-to-reach areas and deterioration due to routine use makes reusable gastroscopes susceptible to harboring microbes1,2,3,4. Furthermore, reprocessing is a complex process, which involves more than 100 steps5. With single-use endoscopes, you don’t have to worry about having to recall and test patients suspected of endoscope-transmitted infections.

A new sterile scope for every patient

aScope Gastro is sterile straight from the pack, so you can assure each patient that you are using a new patient-ready gastroscope just for them. This is especially important for vulnerable groups such as immunocompromised patients or those who are otherwise at high risk of infection.


Take advantage of new high-tech features

The aScope Gastro solution frees you from obsolete technology, letting you take advantage of the latest imaging capabilities and advanced features without new capital investments.

Reprocessing’s hidden environmental footprint

Manufacturing, reprocessing, and repairing reusable endoscopes create a significant environmental burden7 that is sometimes overlooked. Single-use endoscopes do away with a long list of materials used for reprocessing, such as hazardous chemicals and water, brushes, sponges, cloths, transport liners and containers, and personal protective equipment.

Innovations that move us toward a circular economy

As the largest global supplier of innovative single-use endoscopes, Ambu feels a responsibility to forge a path forward with sustainable practices and targets. Ambu continuously looks for innovative approaches that keep our products, parts, and materials in use, simplify packaging and shipping logistics, and lead to the use of greener materials. Learn more about our drive for sustainability.

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Consistent quality, feel, and performance

Reusable endoscopes are used multiple times every day and are continually subjected to rigorous reprocessing6. This leads to wear and tear of the inner and outer surfaces, and degradation of mechanical performance. With aScope Gastro, there is no deterioration, so you can count on consistent quality, feel, and performance every time.

  • Lightweight ripple-surfaced handle
  • 210 retroflection
  • Dedicated auxiliary water jet channel
  • Sleek design with clean lines

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Get a live endoscopic HD image on the built-in touchscreen within seconds when you connect aScope Gastro to the aBox 2. The intuitive user interface is right on the screen next to the endoscopic image, making it easy to maintain focus and control. The touchscreen can be used as either the primary or the secondary monitor, and it adapts perfectly to different needs and room setups.

  • Full HD LCD monitor for excellent imaging
  • Advanced image processing, adaptive light control, and true colors
  • Take images and record videos at the touch of a button on aScope Gastro or aBox 2
  • Easy transfer of recorded imaging data to PACS using DICOM over Wi-Fi or LAN
  • Digital video output options to display live image on external monitors

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View published peer-reviewed studies and conference abstracts on contaminated gastroscopes, infectious outbreaks, and organizational impact issues associated with reusable gastroscopes.

All included studies in our Evidence Dossier substantiate the clinical or organizational reasoning behind introducing Ambu aScope Gastro single-use gastroscope.

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Cluster care is ideal when it comes to managing percutaneous tracheostomy and percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG)-tube replacement in trauma care. The Ambu aScope 5 Broncho, Ambu aScope Gastro, and aBox 2 HD System make cluster care smooth and efficient. The best time to perform a PEG-tube placement is immediately before or after percutaneous tracheostomy — to minimize patient transfer, limit contact, and save PPE.

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