aScope™ Gastro

The Best Gastroscope for Bedside and Intraoperative GI Endoscopy 

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Think Fast. Think Clean. Think Single-Use.

The aScope Gastro provides a new, sterile single-use gastroscope for every patient in any setting. Simply unpack the gastroscope, connect it to the Ambu® aBox™ 2 display and processing unit with its built-in touchscreen HD monitor — and get to work.

The aScope Gastro solution gives you consistent quality, feel, and performance for gastroscopy procedures, just like any other reusable gastroscope.

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"It makes bedside evaluations pretty appealing."

Dr. Vani Konda talks about the benefits of the aScope Gastro for bedside evaluations.

  • Decrease “the amount of time it takes to get set up."
  • Limit moving “everything to and from procedure unit to the ICU or ER.”
  • Where there’s a high infection risk, “it’s nice to be able to consider a single-use device.”

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The aScope Gastro is Sterile and Always Available.
Anytime, Anywhere.



Small footprint, portability, and sterility make single-use ideal for bedside endoscopy. 

Operating Room

Intraoperative endoscopy has never been easier.

Emergency Department

Take single-use gastroscopes anywhere.

Accessibility and Ease-of-Use

General surgeon Dr. Jawad Ali discusses how the accessibility of the aScope Gastro can make the difference in delivering faster patient care.

Dr. Aram Jawed, explains how he uses the aScope Gastro to determine the presence of a hiatal hernia following a sleeve gastrectomy.

Bariatric Surgeon Dr. Morris Washington discusses how the Ambu aScope Gastro boosted his facility.


Consistent gastroscope quality, feel, and performance

Reusable endoscopes are used multiple times every day and are continually subjected to rigorous reprocessing. This leads to wear and tear of the inner and outer surfaces, and degradation of mechanical performance. With aScope Gastro, there is no deterioration, so you can count on consistent quality, feel, and performance every time.

  • Lightweight ripple-surfaced handle
  • 210° retroflection
  • Dedicated auxiliary water jet channel
  • Sleek design with clean lines


Get a live endoscopic HD image on the built-in touchscreen within seconds when you connect aScope Gastro to the aBox 2. The intuitive user interface is right on the screen next to the endoscopic image, making it easy to maintain focus and control. The touchscreen can be used as either the primary or the secondary monitor, and it adapts perfectly to different needs and room setups.

  • Full-HD LCD monitor for excellent imaging
  • Advanced image processing, adaptive light control, and true colors
  • Take images and record videos at the touch of a button on aScope Gastro or aBox 2
  • Easy transfer of recorded imaging data to PACS using DICOM over Wi-Fi or LAN
  • Digital video output options to display live image on external monitors


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