Ambu® SPUR® II - Disposable Resuscitator

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The SPUR II from Ambu, the company that invented the Ambu Bag manual resuscitator, provides users with exceptional tactile and visual feedback during resuscitation. The bag walls are thin and responsive, enabling the user to better gauge patient lung compliance during ventilation. Its SafeGrip™ surface, integrated handle, and lightweight design help to reduce user fatigue. Made from SEBS material instead of PVC, the bag body’s streamlined design provides optimal stroke volume and superior recoil time compared to other disposable units.

​Always pushing the boundaries of innovation, Ambu is now offering  the SPUR II with EtCO2 (End-Tidal Carbon Dioxide) making it easier than ever to properly ventilate patients in an emergency setting.

Key Benefits

  • checkErgonomic, lightweight design makes extended ventilation less fatiguing while delivering optimal stroke volume
  • checkIntegrated handle for user comfort and uniform compression
  • checkSafeGrip™ surface for secure handling in stressful environments
  • checkThin-walled compression bag allows for lung compliance and “feel”
  • checkFast recoil time allows for rapid ventilation
  • checkUnique single-shutter valve system offers reliable functionality and extremely low valve resistance for unimpeded airflow
  • checkAvailable with a variety of pre-attached accessories so the bag is ready-to-use
  • checkBag body made from materials that contain no PVC, DEHP or phthalates
  • checkCan be used to supply 100% FiO2 when used with an oxygen source
  • checkMR Conditional

Clinical Studies


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The "Green" Resuscitator

PVC PollutantsAmbu SPUR IIPVC Resuscitator
Carbon Dioxide328 g456 g
Carbon Monoxide8 g32 g
Hydrochloric Acid0 g35 g
Sulphur Dioxide0 g0.8 g

Less global warming

Less ozone exposure

No toxic effects of dioxin exposure

No toxic effects of "acid rain"

Spare parts

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file_download Ambu SPUR II Brochure
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Datasheets (4)

file_download SPUR II The Green Resuscitator
(3.28 MB - pdf)
file_download Ambu SPUR II with EtCO2 Datasheet
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file_download Ambu SPUR II Datasheet
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Instructions for Use (6)

file_download IFU Ambu® SPUR® II Disposable V17 2024/04
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file_download IFU Ambu® SPUR® II Disposable V16 2023/12
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file_download IFU Ambu CO2 Detector, Disposable
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file_download IFU Ambu CO2 Detector- Pedi, Disposable
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Supplementary Information

file_download SPUR II Benefit Handout
(149.63 KB - pdf)
file_download Reach document for Medical Devices
(261.89 KB - pdf)
file_download Symbol Explanation
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July 2019

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