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Experience Ambu® SPUR® II with EtCO2

When It Comes to Saving Lives, Seconds Matter

The Ambu name has been synonymous with manual resuscitation ever since the Ambu bag came to market in 1956, marking a major milestone in emergency medical service equipment and hospital care and defining the entire product category.
We now offer the SPUR® II with EtCO(End-Tidal Carbon Dioxide) making it easier than ever to properly ventilate patients in an emergency setting, This extension of the SPUR II product line adds a gas sampling line that connects directly to the resuscitator's M-port, packaging everything together — streamlining adult ALS-compliant workflow with enhanced efficiency and clinical performance.

From assisting EMS first responders at the curbside to the hospital bedside, Ambu's emergency devices help save lives.

The Ambu® SPUR® II with EtCO2:

  • Ensures compliance with ALS (Advanced Life Support) guidelines
    for capnography

  • Conveniently packages everything together

  • Streamlines workflow

  • Offers clinical benefits (reduces dead space)

  • Reduces required SKUs

  • Delivers tidal volumes which meet AHA cardiopulmonary
    resuscitation (CPR) standards

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