ECG Electrode - Single use

Ambu® BlueSensor SU

The medium-sized Ambu BlueSensor SU is the world’s first tab electrode featuring a wet gel. The combination of wet gel and Ag/AgCl sensor provides stable signal quality during 12-lead diagnostic resting applications.

Ten SU electrodes are packed on a release liner so there is no need to peel off individual backing material. Thanks to the occlusive backing material, the electrode is resistant to liquids.

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Key Benefits

  • checkOffset connector mitigates the impact on signal quality from external forces like pulling of lead wires and pressure on electrodes
  • checkOffset connector allows the user to connect and disconnect the lead wire without applying pressure to the patient or the sensor area, which reduces the risk of gel spreading and adhesive detachment from skin
  • checkConductive wet gel lowers skin impedance effectively and immediately
  • checkWet gel optimizes contact between skin and electrode
  • checkOcclusive backing material is resistant to fluids

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