Ambu® ACTion™ Block Pain Pump

ACTion™ Block Pain Pump a continuous, stable delivery of local anesthetic solution to the nerve block catheter and enables the anesthesiologist to tailor the infusion strategy to best match each individual patient’s unique pain needs throughout the course of treatment. The advanced technology of ACTion™ Block CPNB Pump produces flow consistencies common to electrical pumps. The ACTion Block pain pump is non-electric and user friendly, while maintaining a flow consistency of +/- 5%.


  • check Flexibility - modular design, reduces costs, eliminates SKUs
  • check Minimize post-operative Opioid prescriptions
  • check Consistent flow rate - +/-5% flow delivery
  • check 100% latex free


Spare parts

We offer 3 Spare parts for this product



file_download ACTion Pain Pumps Brochure
(4.71 MB - pdf)


file_download Ambu ACTion Block 1000 ml Datasheet
(1.09 MB - pdf)
file_download Ambu ACTion Block Datasheet
(696.46 KB - pdf)

Instructions For Use

file_download Ambu ACTion Block IFU
(7.24 MB - pdf)
file_download Ambu ACTion Pain Pump Filling and Setting Regulator
(946.32 KB - pdf)
file_download Ambu ACTion Pain Pump Filling Instructions
(806.02 KB - pdf)
file_download Ambu ACTion Pain Pump Training Packet
(7.41 MB - pdf)
file_download Filling the Pump, Not Locking the Pump
(12.3 MB - pdf)

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