Ives Single-Use MR Conditional EEG Hard & Soft Cup Electrodes - Distributed Exclusively by Ambu

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1 out of 4 reusable EEG electrodes are contaminated with pathogenic bacteria

  • MR conditional
  • Single-use
  • Efficient connection system
  • Cleared for 1.5 and 3T
  • 21, 23, 25, and 27 lead configurations 
  • check Convenient 2 mm hole allows gel to escape during positioning and permits blunt needle insertion
  • check Single-use reduces risk of cross-contamination
  • check 10 mm diameter 
  • check Pre-attached tangle-free lead wires
  • check Conductive carbon cup electrode coated with silver/silver chloride
  • check Can be used with most popular gels, pastes, and adhesives

Soft cup design helps reduce skin breakdown

Error-Free Connection

The system is designed to make all electrodes interchangeable. A common harness and connector system make disconnection and reconnection easy, quick, and accurate. Ideal for ICU and other long-term monitoring applications.

510K Cleared

The Ives Disposable Conductive Plastic Electrodes (DCPE) are approved for use during MR or CT scans. The DCPE are composed of silver-silver/chloride impregnated plastic and will not create any secondary artifact.

Convenient & Sanitary

The original disposable conductive plastic electrode. Designed to provide a high quality recording while eliminating the hassle of cleaning and sanitizing electrodes. Give your patients the peace of mind they desire.