Monitors for single-use
flexible endoscopes

A platform for quality imaging

The Ambu single-use flexible endoscope platform revolves around the Ambu® aView 2 Advance monitor. It delivers excellent imaging capabilities and helps you perform a wide range of endoscopy procedures across clinical specialities confidently. And you only have to deal with one supplier, which you can count on to deliver. 

Endoscopy systems

Our family of visualization devices revolves around the Ambu® aView™ 2 Advance and Ambu® aBox™ 2 endoscopy systems.

Ambu® aView 2 Advance

Easy to transport, set up and use 
This lightweight endoscopy system is an ideal solution for the ICU, ER and OR. You can easily transport the lightweight unit mounted on an IV pole or carry it using the built-in handle.

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The Ambu® aScope™ 4 Broncho Large 5.8/2.8 single-use bronchoscope

Ambu® aBox 2

Compact, flexible and innovative design
An ideal solution for the endoscopy unit and bronchoscopy suite. Comprised of a light source, a processor and a recorder all in one compact design, which can be placed on a cart, rack or table and connected to an external monitor.

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Medical Endoscopy Workstations


aCart™ Compact
A modern, mobile workstation for endoscopic procedures in various clinical environments

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aCart™ Plus
A robust, convenient workstation for the bronchoscopy suite and other endoscopic suites

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