Ambu believes that sterile single-use gastrointestinal endoscopy solutions should perform like conventional ones, only with the added advantages of increased availability and improved patient safety.

"It really increased my efficiency." 

Can a single-use gastroscope increase efficiency in your operating room? Bariatric Surgeon Dr. Morris Washington discusses how the Ambu aScope Gastro boosted his facility:

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Marietta Memorial Hospital: The Switch to Single-Use Duodenoscopes

Watch our video series where Dr. Juan Tejada discusses why his facility fully converted to the single-use Ambu aScope Duodeno. Among the many reasons are the single-use duodenoscope’s ability to prevent complications related to cross-contamination, reprocessing, and supply.

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Duodenoscope Calculator
To calculate the costs savings on moving from reusable to single-use duodenscopes, take advantage of our duodenoscope calculator.

Infection control
Get facts and figures behind the risk of patient cross-contamination when using GI endoscopes. Also, learn about three of the main challenges related to reprocessing reusable scopes and how they can affect your work.
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15% of duodenoscopes found to be contaminated despite reprocessing (Rauwers 2018, GUT)
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Duodenoscopes used to perform ERCP implicated in infection outbreaks (Kim et al., 2016, GIE)
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Existing manufacturer-recommended HLD inadequate  (Ross et al., 2015, GIE)
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Download and read our survey results poster where gastroenterologists say they would convert 50% of their ERCP procedures to single-use
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