King Breathing Bags

KingBreathing bags include a complete range of latex-free bags in sizes 0.5 L, 1 L, 2 L, and 3 L with a connector that meets ISO regulations and provides a secure fit. The Rainbow Breathing bags are a colorful option for infants and children. In addition to pediatric anesthesia breathing bags, the Contour® breathing bag with an hourglass shape provide a better fit and grip.

General information

King Breathing bags are designed with the clinician in mind. The shape and the tri-pleat design offer a better fit to a range of hand sizes and improve the grip around the bag. The hourglass-shaped Contour breathing bag even further reduces hand fatigue.

The thin yet durable latex-free material provides the clinician with an excellent feel for lung compliance during ventilation. King Breathing bags come in a standard green color. But it is also the only breathing bag in the market currently that has a range of colored breathing bags, targeted towards pediatric population. With the Rainbow Breathing Bags® children can pick their color of choice and this can create a calming effect before induction. 


  • Thin yet durable design
  • Five standard sizes offer a bag to fit any patient
  • The hourglass-shaped contour breathing bag reduces hand fatigue


  • Tri-pleat design offers a better fit


  • Thin and durable surface maximizes clinician feel and ability to assess patient lung activity
  • The hourglass-shaped contour breathing bag efficiently delivers required gas volume

Spare parts

There are no spare parts or accessories for this product.


Instruction for Use

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Supplementary Information

December 2019

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