KingUniversal F® Flex

co-axial breathing circuit

A 100% disposable, expandable, single-limb breathing circuit.A new King Systems circuit that continues to incorporate therevolutionary features that address common concerns likeno other circuit on the market.

Protect. Simplify. Save

Protect…Both Patient and Machine

  • Reduces potential for patient infection and machine contamination, when used with a variety of filter options
  • Helps maintain patient’s body temperature, as reported in independent studies1,2,5
  • Can provide 100% oxygen to patient during transport, when combined with a King Systems Transport Kit

Simplify…Reduce SKU’s to Inventory

  • Reduce the variety of circuit lengths stocked, because flex tubing is expandable to multiple lengths.
  • Minimize the variety of circuit types stocked, because the F Flex can be used wherever an adult or pediatric two-limb circuit is used.
  • Eliminate the need to stock HME’s, based on independent studies demonstrating the moisture efficiency of the F Flex circuit3,4,5

Save…Cost Savings and Convenience

  • After surgery, combine the F Flex with a King Systems Transport Kit
    • − A lower cost transport option than a resuscitation bag
    • − Design of the F Flex reduces torque at the patient end
    • − Clinician can be the length of the circuit away from the patient while delivering up to 100% oxygen
  • After transport, combine the F Flex with the King PACU kit
    • − A potentially lower cost PACU option
    • − Less overall disposable waste from surgery, through transport, to PACU

1. The Universal F Breathing System Reduces the Number of Hypothermic Patients Entering the PACU. Thompson, Rast, Carson.
2. Evaluation of the King Systems Universal F Anesthesia Breathing Circuit. Campbell, Branson, Johnson, et. al.
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5. Test results and filter data on file.

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Supplementary Information

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