Fast and effective OLV


Faster & safer One Lung Ventilation

VivaSight-DL is the new generation of Double Lumen Tubes with integrated high-resolution camera making placement of the DLT fast and effective and providing continuous visual monitoring throughout the procedure. Malpositioning and dislocation are easily detected with the real-time high resolution video image transmitted to the aView monitor.

The full Ambu portfolio for OLV includes VivaSight-DL, and VivaSight-SL with integrated high-resolution camera together with the endobronchial blocker, Fuji Uniblocker, and the single-use bronchoscope Ambu® aScope™ 3 Slim. The portfolio offers the flexibility to choose between different visualization solutions – all contributing to increased patient safety.


Overcoming challenges of placement and positioning

Visual monitoring

Fast and safe OLV with real time visual monitoring during placement and throughout the entire procedure.

Placement & positioning

Overcome today´s placement and positioning challenges of OLV such as the need for repositioning during intubation and during procedure.

Improves patient safety

Improves patient safety as incorrect placement is easily detected and can be corrected instantly.

Fast & Effective

Makes lung isolation fast and effective as it reduces the time required for intubation and for visual confirmation during and after intubation.

Reassurance & confidence

Provides reassurance and confidence for the anaesthetist.

Zero cross-contamination

Single-use and sterile with no risk of cross-contamination.

Intubation and Final position of VivaSight-DL

Watch this video to learn more about VivaSight-DL and how to insert and confirm the final position.


VivaSight-DL for one lung ventilation

Intubation and airway management during lung isolation procedures present a series of challenges for even the most experienced team.
VivaSight-DL overcomes todays challenges by offering visual control during placement as well as continuous visualization during the entire OLV procedure.

Visualization during one lung ventilation improves patient safety and is increasingly recommended as good clinical practice.

Continuous monitoring

VivaSight-DL allows for continuous visual monitoring of tube position throughout the procedure

Clinical Studies


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Technical specifications


Left sided 35 Fr, 37 Fr, 39 Fr & 41 Fr
For dimensions, please refer to datasheet

Image sensor:



CIF 320 x 240 (76,800 pixels)

Depth of field:

12-60 mm

Field of view:

~100º diagonal

Light source:

2 white LEDs (49.5mW – 66mW)

Spare parts

We offer 1 Spare parts for this product


Supplementary Information

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file_download VivaSight-DL Datasheet.pdf
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