Ambu® aScope BronchoSampler

Simplified sampling with aScope 4 Broncho


Closed-loop sampling for simplicity and efficiency

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The aScope BronchoSampler improves workflow efficiency by allowing a single user to obtain a sample and without having to switch between suction and sampling.

The sterile, closed-loop system supports high-quality sampling by securing and protecting the sample from start to finish.

A purpose-built sampling solution for aScope 4 Broncho, that is ready when you are and comes with all critical sampling components for BAL and BW procedures.

​BronchoSampler: Closed Loop Sampling

​Dr. James M. Horowitz discusses how to use the aScope™ BronchoSampler during Ambu's COVID-19 in New York: Real Life Experiences Webinar.

Key benefits

Fully integrated

The aScope™ BronchoSampler is specifically designed for use with aScope™ 4 Broncho


Closed-loop sampling reduces the risk of sample loss and contamination

Single operator sampling solution

No need for nurse support during the sampling procedure

Improves workflow

The aScope™ BronchoSampler improves the procedure efficiency and safety


There is more than meets the eye

Flow switch directs suction flow towards wall suction or sampling

Attachment lock secures integration with aScope 4 Broncho

Flip top automatically locks the sample container in place – and is easily disengaged when pressing down

Sample container is transparent for easy observation of sample volume and texture. Sample container is easily locked to protect the sample.

aScope BronchoSampler In-Service video

A simplified sampling process

A one-of-a-kind, purpose-built system, the aScope™ BronchoSampler improves workflow efficiency by allowing a single clinician to easily perform bronchoscopic sampling as part of BAL or BW procedures – from system assembly to sample procurement.

aScope™ BronchoSampler also features a vacuum bypass that further simplifies procedures by enabling you to change between suction and sampling without a suction tube switch. 

Fewer lost and contaminated samples

As a single-use, sterile, closed-loop system, aScope™ BronchoSampler reduces the risk of sample loss and guarantees sample quality from start to finish. By minimizing the risk of sample contamination or exposure, aScope™ BronchoSampler supports representative sampling and timely diagnostics as well as the safety of both patients and clinicians.

Innovative, integrated system

aScope™ BronchoSampler is designed to integrate seamlessly with your aScope™ 4 Broncho. It comes with all the critical components that you need, allowing you to effectively and efficiently perform BAL and BW procedures. And because it’s always ready when you are, aScope™ BronchoSampler minimizes the significant risks to patients that can result from equipment and workflow delays.



Suction connector compatibility:

Connecting tube with female interface: ID = Ø7 ± 1 mm
Connecting tube with male interface: OD = Ø7 ± 1 mm

Sample container volume:

2x 30 mL

Spare parts

There are no spare parts or accessories for this product.



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Supplementary Information

file_download aScope Broncho Clinical Evidence Dossier
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April 2020

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