Ambu® Military Mark lll

  • Double wall bag provides build in pressure limitation
  • Designed for toxic atmosphere
  • 100% Latex free

The Ambu Military Mark III is designed for manual ventilation of adults and children with a minimum body weight of 15 kg (3 years).


The unique Ambu double wall concept clearly distinguishes the genuine Ambu bag from all other manual resuscitators. It provides the “touch” Ambu bags are famous for. The thin outer cover gives the user a very good “fingertip” feeling for how much pressure is needed, while the inner lining with its air holes allows rapid recoil for optimum stroke volume. This gives you complete control of the amount of pressure delivered to the patient and enables artificial respiration with quick frequencies, if needed.

Another unique effect of the Ambu double wall is that the elasticity of the outer cover limits airway pressure from exceeding approximately 7 kPa (70cm H20) during operation of the Ambu Military Mark III.

The Mark lll resuscitator has the added advantages of being constructed with an outer cover made of butyl and a gas filter adaptor, which as ideal for manual resuscitation in toxic atmospheres, e.g. fire and chemical accidents.

The Ambu Military Mark lll can be repeatedly autoclaved at 134° Celsius.

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