ECG Electrode - Single use

Ambu® BlueSensor NEO X

Natural design for premature neonatal care. The tiny Ambu BlueSensor NEO X electrode features an innovative skin-friendly gel that ensures an excellent adhesion and optimal signal quality in high humidity environments, inside the incubator.

The unique no-touch application system makes it easy and quick to apply the electrode with gloves. The four-leaf clover shape and flexible, breathable backing ensure reliable performance throughout long-term ECG monitoring.

The sensor and lead wires are radiolucent and made from biocompatible materials.

Key Benefits

  • checkTiny size - special for small babies
  • checkFour-leaf clover shape for superior adhesion
  • checkNo-touch application is hygienic
  • checkTransparent material allows to see the skin
  • checkExcellent long-term adhesion in high humidity environments
  • checkRadiolucent

Instructions for use

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