Ambu® Transparent Face Masks

Ambu Transparent Face Masks are designed for use with manual resuscitators, automatic resuscitators, ventilators, and anesthesia machines. 


The Ambu Transparent Face Mask size 0 with boring impedes ventilation pressures higher than approx. 40 cm H2O, enabling you to administrate correct ventilation with an Ambu Mark III resuscitator on small children with a body weight down to approx. 33 lbs (3 years). 

  • checkAmbu Transparent Face Masks are self-inflating and the cuff pressure may be regulated (except for mask size 0A) for an easy and tight seal.
  • checkAmbu Transparent Face Masks come with a transparent dome for visual check of bleeding, vomitus and spontaneous breathing, and a thumb rest for a tight, easy seal.
  • checkAmbu Transparent Face Masks come with a natural rubber cuff which is ideal for manual ventilation in toxic atmospheres, e.g. fire and chemical accidents.


Mask dome and cushion

Mask dome and cushion are made of polysulphone and natural rubber, respectively (except 0A, which is made of chloroprene).


Available in 6 versions from 0A to 5.


Ambu Transparent Face Masks can be autoclaved repeatedly at 121°C (except size 0A).

Spare parts

There are no spare parts or accessories for this product.


Supplementary Information

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