Introducing the Ambu VivaSight 2 DLT Platform for OLV 

Keep the Lights On With Ambu VivaSight 2 DLT

Ambu has just launched new technology for one lung ventilation (OLV).

VivaSight™ 2 DLT is a single-use double lumen tube  with a built-in camera featuring enhanced resolution, that offers a safe and cost-effective way to perform OLV. It can be used for left and right thoracic surgical procedures just like any other DLT. 

Unlike conventional double lumen tubes, however, VivaSight 2 DLT’s integrated camera provides continuous visualization of the tube position and the patient airway during the OLV procedure. 

With our second-generation device — compatible with the aView™ 2 Advance full-HD monitor — you get:

  • Increased patient safety with real-time monitoring to detect malpositioning
  • Improved workflow of OLV procedures
  • A cost-effective alternative for OLV

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Perform prodecures confidently with the comprehensive Ambu OLV portfolio.

The Ambu OLV portfolio includes:

Ambu VivaSight 2 DLT​
Ambu aScope™ 4 Broncho Slim Bronchoscope 
Ambu aView 2 Advance full-HD Monitor with Dual View 


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