Boost Your OLV Efficiency with VivaSight 2 DLT

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One-of-a-Kind Innovation for Better, Safer One Lung Ventilation (OLV) for Patients

VivaSight™ 2 DLT is a single-use, double lumen tube with a built-in enhanced resolution camera that offers a safe and cost-effective way to perform one lung ventilation (OLV). It can be used for left and right thoracic surgical procedures just like any other DLT. 

Unlike conventional double lumen tubes, however, VivaSight 2 DLT’s integrated camera provides continuous visualization of the tube position and the patient airway during the OLV procedure. Paired with the aView™ 2 Advance HD monitor, you get a portable, cost-effective solution that can improve workflow for OLV procedures.

VIDEO | “I really believe Ambu’s VivaSight 2 DLT has numerous advantages over conventional double-lumen tubes." 

Dr. Javier D. Lasala, a cardiothoracic anesthesiologist in Houston, Texas, performs a robotic right lower lobe lobectomy while using Ambu’s VivaSight 2 DLT.

"In addition to patient safety, ease of use and reduced intubation time, another advantage is real time visualization. This provides us with continuous monitoring of the airway,” said Dr. Lasala.

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NEW STUDY | 46% Faster Intubation Time

In a recent study presented at ISPOR Europe 2023 that summarized the latest evidence on double lumen tubes, Ambu’s camera-integrated offering averaged 46% faster time to successful intubation in one-lung ventilation (OLV) procedures. Moreover, it also decreased the need to use a flexible bronchoscope by 81% to confirm correct DLT positioning in the patient compared with conventional methods.

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Fast & Effective

Perform procedures confidently with the comprehensive Ambu OLV portfolio.

The Ambu OLV portfolio includes:

VivaSight 2 DLT​
aScope™ 4 Broncho Slim Single-Use Bronchoscope 
aView 2 Advance HD Monitor with Dual View 

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Discover How VivaSight 2 DLT Can Boost Your OLV Efficiency.

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