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Bringing Clinical and Economic Benefits to Bariatrics

Excellent Maneuverability and High-Degree of Retroflection

With aScope Gastro, there is no deterioration so you can count on a consistent quality, feel, and performance from your gastroscope. 210o retroflection – every single time.

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“The Ambu scope has allowed my practice to become much more efficient and productive. ”

Bariatric surgeon, Dr. Aram Jawed, explains how he uses the aScope Gastro and aBox™ 2 displaying and processing unit to evaluate a patient post gastric bypass surgery.

[More Videos]   Pre-operative Screening for Gastric BypassPost Sleeve Gastrectomy Evaluation

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Case Study: New Data Shows Revenue Boost with Single-Use

“The single-use aScope Gastro enabled a high-volume hospital to perform one additional bariatric surgery per week, yielding a reimbursement revenue boost of more than $800,000 annually.



The aScope Gastro is Sterile and Always Available:
Before, During and After Surgery



Confidently identify or rule out hiatal hernia prior to surgery. 


If you scope, the single-use aScope Gastro is your perfect solution to perform leak testing.


Evaluate the integrity of the staple line following bariatric surgery. 

Never Wait on a Gastroscope Again 

Take control of your schedule with the Ambu aScope Gastro, a single-use gastroscope that will enhance your workflow efficiency by eliminating the downtime associated with endoscope reprocessing and repairs. It’s sterile straight from the pack, always available and removes the hundreds of steps required for compliance, enabling you to finish procedures sooner. The aScope Gastro provides high-quality imaging, ensuring that surgeons have a clear view of the gastrointestinal tract during procedures as well as supreme retroflexion.

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  • check No reprocessing

  • check No downtime

  • check No repairs

  • check Improved staff satisfaction

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