Ambu® Sleepmate Snoring Microphones and Sensors

Ambu Sleepmate Snoring Microphones and Sensors are high quality, durable and moisture-resistant sensors that produce clean and reliable signals of snoring behavior.

General information

Improved patient care

Both microphones and sensors are designed with patient comfort in mind. Their low profile and patient-friendly shape ensure optimal comfort during PSG studies.

Ease of use

Ambu Sleepmate snoring products are available as encapsulated microphones or overmolded piezo sensors. Both are durable and moisture-resistant for easy processing and cleaning.

Reliable recordings

The Ambu Sleepmate snoring microphone is a high quality hi-fi mic for sensitive detection of low frequency snoring. The Ambu Sleepmate snoring piezo sensor is designed with a raised centre point for increased vibration sensitivity. Ambu Sleepmate snoring microphones and sensors are made for the demanding conditions in sleep labs and consistently produce reliable and clean snoring signals.

Spare parts

There are no spare parts or accessories for this product.



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Supplementary Information

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