Ambu® Sleepmate Limb Movement Sensor

Ambu Sleepmate offers AASM recommended EMG electrodes as well as traditional Piezo sensors for recording limb movements. The Ambu Neuroline 720 is a single use self-adhesive electrode featuring a highly conductive wet gel for an instant and stable signal.

General information

The strong yet skin-friendly adhesive makes the electrode ideal for sleep studies as the electrode stays in place during the entire examination, even if the patient sweats.

Improved patient care

Ambu Neuroline 720 electrodes are easily placed on legs and/or arms for detecting limb movements. The strong and yet skin-friendly adhesive combined with the flexible materials and low profile makes the Ambu Neuroline 720 a comfortable solution.

Easy to use

The ‘ready to use’ electrode is quick to place on the patient and is easily removed with a firm press on the centre of the electrode. Its strong initial tack ensures that the electrode stays in place and the highly conductive wet gel picks up the signal in seconds. Application of the electrode is both fast and straightforward.

Reliable recordings

The combination of silver/silver chloride and wet gel provides stable, low impedance signals for the entire duration of the test. The low profile and strong adhesion ensures that electrodes are not dislodged during sleep studies, even on sweaty patients.

Spare parts

There are no spare parts or accessories for this product.



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Supplementary Information

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