Ambu® RIPmate™ Disposable Inductance Belts

  • Single use RIPmate inductance belts save time by eliminating the need to clean
  • Every RIPmate belt is cut to length for a perfect fit
  • No adjusting necessary- the Ripmate disposable belt grips tight to the patient and prevents loss of signal due to belt slipping
  • Same quality signal you have come to love from RIPmate Reusable belts​
  • 1 year warranty on processors and cables

General Information

Ambu Sleepmate RIPmate™ disposable inductance belts are cut to length for a perfect fit which ensures the belt will stay tight and in place on the patient throughout the duration of the study. 

Ambu Sleepmate RIPmate™ Inductance Belts are designed for high sensitivity and patient comfort during measurement of chest and abdominal expansion associated with respiratory effort. Problems of signal loss due to lost belt tension and false paradoxical signals are eliminated. 

For improved patient comfort, Ambu Sleepmate RIPmate™ belts are made from soft and flexible materials. Buckles and the fully encapsulated active elements are designed with rounded corners and at pro les for further patient comfort.

Spare parts

There are no spare parts or accessories for this product.



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Supplementary Information

file_download Rationale for Single patient use devices
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